RHOA Se8 ep6 Kim Fields needs to channel her “Régine Hunter”

If Blair Warner was mean to Tootie, Mrs Garrett would fix it. But Mrs Garrett isn’t in Atlanta.

The Current Kim, is a director, actress, mother, wife and  happy housewife (without a Nanny) staying home with her family and seems happy, happy, happy!

Kim, you can’t be happy on a reality show!   Yo man has to be looking at another woman, your inlaws need to be a little bit off center , you need to talking about someone weave or do!  To make it in Atlanta with these wonderful wonderful  ladies you need to channel  your character from Living Single “Miss Regine Hunter” the Regine we knew and love could slice and dice a pedestrian woman.   Regine was a combination of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, a woman who couldn’t hold a man ,but a woman who could take OUT the competition.

The cast of RHOA continues to surprise Mrs Fields.

Last night was  her first field trip with the gurls. (deal with it)   Phaedra’s with her dry wit said: “My Goodness Kim Fields is coming with us to Miami .  I hope she has her Kings James Bible and her roller skates because, Tootie, you better be ready to rumble with these girls.”

Real Housewives Field Trips Explained

This Applies to all the franchises

  1. Accommodations:  The room grab.  Who gets the largest room, smallest room, room with the most light etc.
  2. Someone is gonna be pissed about the size, location, the manner of the grab.  The person who feels victimized tells a friend, and at one point during the trip (usually after a few drinks) tells everyone (how unfair or displeased they are.   The friend ,to make a point will bring up something that happened long ago.
  3. The Dinner, someone said something about someone. (Watch the Liquor)
  4. Factions split the mean girls vs the pissed girls.
  5. The fight: the mean girls vs the pissed girls.  One girl often returns home early.
  6. A peace maker emerges and all is well until…………


RHOA auditions continue-Tammy and Shamea goes to Miami

They’ve brought back Sheree Whitfield,  returned the peach back to Porsha, brought back the delicious Marlo Hampton and body by Jake Shamea (I’m messy by design) Morton.  This year we have the platinum braids of Tammy McCall Browning.

This is the first time Kim has been away from her children for more than an overnight and she tells the ladies her visit to is Miami on a day to to day.

On the bus , they talk rooms, who gets what.  Porsha asks  Shamea to prepare the house and since she is there she chooses her room first.  Kim could care less about what room she gets and settles into one of the living rooms.

She and Tammy chat.  As the two ladies are getting to know each other. The rest of the ladies are in another room ,talking about  Tammy who IS a bit odd.

Within mega seconds you know who takes out her cauldron and tells Sheree what Tammy said about her and her former husband.  Kenya told Sheree what Tammy  what she learned in the bus on the first boat outing. You know that  that little thing about marrying her husband for his money.

At Dinner, instead of hey, are you happy to be in Miami.   Kenya wants the know the status of Cynthia’s marriage with all the ladies waiting for some dirt(pass the bread please)  .

At the table we get to see vintage Sheree (you know Mt Whitmore has been silent on her return).  Fresh with the new information (again, thank you Kenya) Sheree goes for it.  Tells Tammy ,I didn’t know we had a problem.   Tammy said  look Bob (the ex) is her best friend and was getting bad press during their well publicized divorced and she defended him. The conversation turns  personal and Sheree accuses Tammy of sleeping with Bob.

No Where to Hide! 

Surprisingly , there  were no explosions at the table, and as the dust settled, Tammy says, I didn’t know we had drama going on. Neither did Sheree,  but that how it was presented to her.   Miss Kenya Moore is quietly munching on some food and sweating her ass off.   Sheree says, the way it was presented to me you don’t like me and told BOB not to marry me.   To her credit, Tammy owned her shit. The words, I don’t like Sheree never came out of my mouth , but I said the other stuff. So Porsha, jumps like wait!   Who told you Sheree don’t like you?  Sheree pointed at Kenya who denied saying it.  I just gave her the information that all and went on to say ,what I do remember is she said that she told Bob not to marry you.

   Grow the F UP! 

Kim was sitting dumb struck!  and said, How old are we ?  “Are we grown ass women talking like this”?  And schooled the ladies ” Food for Thought: Does it feel there’ a difference between information and instigation?   

(She may not be on this show for more than one season, but damm that was good.)

Naturally Kenya was pissed. She tried to clean it up and failed!  (Kim from this point forward have someone taste your food)

Another Boat, another Fight?

Day two, pregnant  Kandi passes on the Boat ride. Kim is crying and missing her husband and family. Phaedra is bonding with Kim and tells her no one in the group including her has the type of marriage that Kim has. This settles Kim.

On the boat its alcohol and new men.  Kim is feeling out of place and wishes her husband was their.   Cynthia wisely chooses water, no kicking.   Porsha, is locked on 16 and what to play a childish children ‘s game with the adults (including  a tall brother with an attitude) involving alcohol.

Nothing good can become of this and we will see next week.


 A few seasons ago Sheree was let go because she didn’t have a story line.   Her friendship with Kenya who has been messy and shady is odd.    For those who know Sheree, she is very smart and calculating , I think she is shadowing Kenya and I don’t think Kenya knows it.  Sheree might be the one to watch.

What are your thoughts on Kim, Kenya, Sheree and Tammy?

Next week, who will fall off the boat?  One of the men, looks like he is down for a fight, will he take on Tammy?  Will Kim insist that her children and husband join the party.  Will Sheree and Tammy buddy up and plot on Kenya.

See ya next week