Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur

NBA Reffree Bill Kennedy far Right, Rajon Rondo ( white sweat band)

On Dec 3rd In a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics in Mexico City.   NBA referee Bill Kennedy  ejected Rajon Rondo from the game due to consecutive technical fouls.

Being ejected from a intense game is frustrating. However its part of the game., you collect yourself and leave the floor.  After Rondo was ejected he refused to leave ,and reportedly began stalking Bill Kennedy.

Rondo reportedly called Kennedy a mutha fucking faggot, Your a fucking faggot.   This was heard by other NBA referees on the floor.

Witnesses said he ‘aggressively perused Kennedy and eventually had to be restrained by teammates and Kings Security and  escorted off the floor.

Kennedy who is highly respected recently came out as a gay man.

Initially, Rondo denied making the statement. He later recanted and said his actions “were out of frustration and emotion.

Rondo’s punishment is to sit out tonight’s game at Sleep Train against the Houston Rockets.

Sacramento Kings owner  Vivek Ranadivé and General Manager Vlade Divac have apologized on behalf of the team.   However Rondo’s apology was no more than a mandated rubber stamp. Yesterday, he tweeted he didn’t  mean to offend or disrespect anyone.

Of course he did!  Faggot isn’t a foreign word to him.  He has used the word before and will use it again.   If Bill Kennedy was white and out of frustration called Rajon Rondo a nigger, the media would be calling for his removal.

I’m not calling for Rondo’s  removal.  I want Mr Rondo to succeed in his chosen profession.  But there needs to be a serious consequence for his outrageous actions and I don’t believe a one day suspension will get his attention. Six to ten games will get and hold his attention and the attention of other players in the league.


Rondo over reached his words and actions was offensive and disrespectful. No amount of frustration can justify his actions.  Rondo also disrespected the National Basketball Association and every referee, gay and straight in the league.    The NBA needs to make a statement, loud enough for every player to hear.   No one is trying to convert or change Rondo’s beliefs. He may simply dislike Gay individuals and that’s his issue.  What is important, is the respect of Gay’s  and every human being of every hue and orientation.