“RHOA” S8 Ep7 Brown Liquor and NBA Krazy

Glen Rice Jr. Is Rude To Kandi

This was a good episode with drama and comedy.  Episode 7  began were 6 left off.

Tammy’s Crazy Nephew?

Rule of thumb, if you see crazy,  leave crazy where they are.  You don’t pick them up and bring them with your unless your cray cray!!  “K”

Tammy’s nephew was cray on the boat in the last episode, something was wrong. He was short mean, and aggressive,  TROUBLE waiting to happen. So the party with the brown liquor moves into the house.   Cynthia, Kim and Kandi stay straight limiting their drinks to the basics and water.

Kim, is still tight, unable to loosen up.  At one point she calls home and talks bout Chef Boy r Dee. (Come on Kim, Please!).  Nearly every one is in the pool.  The nephew, Glen Rice Jr, is still wound tight. He snaps at Kandi “Shit, I don’t want nothing with you. You know I don’t care. As long as I’m respectful, I’ll do anything.” The only thing calming him down is Sheree,  home cheese was into the former Mr’s Whitfield.

Tammy being Tammy was on one side of the pool during her own thing.  The ladies was making light fun of her, nothing insulting or serious.  Nephew goes off the deep end defending her aunt and called the ladies bitches.

Kenya, get word and decides he needs to go.   Home cheese loses it and confronts all of the women.  Tammy, tries to calm him down and gets knocked out  in the process by her nephew.  He was out of control ,the crew and some of the other men subdues Rice and Tammy is taken to a local hospital. Rice is gone.

Who is Glen Rice Jr?

A professional basketball player, who once played for the 76ers and the Washington Wizards.    Rice currently plays for the Rio Grand Valley Vipers (Hidalgo Texas).  In October, Rice  was shot in the leg outside an Atlanta Restaurant and was arrested for carrying a half pound of weed.

Kenya did it she always does

A lot of  the women blamed Kenya for Rice’s behavior, WRONG!

Something tells me this wasn’t the first time he has hit a woman.

I’m Good

Kim decides this is enough excitement for her and checks into a hotel.

 The next day, Kandi says she’s out and returns to Atlanta.

People and their Imaginations

The ladies chilling after the drama. Hear’s’ a  late night knock on the door.  Its Tammy, fresh from the hospital  in a robe and hospital slippers looks like the walking dead, while the women are laughing . Tammy is not amused.

Kenya has no love for Kim

Kim is the lady with common sense. Your not likely to see her making a fool of herself and she isn’t shy about speaking her truth.   She pisses Kenya off, but Kenya wants her to tweak her show.  So she tolerates Kim

I can appreciate the direction Bravo’s going in*.  I saw it last year in RHONY. No dragging out the fights.

Next week we get to see Kandi’s assistant Don Juan being overly dramatic for the producers.  He wants on the show!

See Ya Next Week

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