This ins’t Buffalo this is Sacramento Dammit!

Its cold.  COLD!   At 5am the outside temperature in my car is say’s its 32! Why am I up in my car at 5am checking the outside temperature?  Cause I can dammit!  Its my car and I can check anything I want at any time, so sit on a toothpick!!!                     I’m cranky, cause I’m cold!

I’m happy, happy, happy, there is snow in the mountains. Whoo Hoo we need it!      I’m Happy, Happy, Happy for those who are excited about seeing snow and having a White Christmas,  I know people driving up tomorrow up to Sierra’s to see the snow, knock yourselves out.  Make all the angels you can, god bless.

The closest I’m getting to snow is channel Forty.

If their open, I’ll have my white Christmas at Leatherby’s , some good ole vanilla (white) ice cream, with a gallon of hot Caramel syrup, with whip cream (white) with nuts (boulders).

I don’t do cold!

Cold is  Minneapolis, Boston, Portland Maine.   Places where they get their daily cardio by shoveling snow.  Hoo Haa, that’s what I want to do. (NOT!)  Their choices are few, shovel or stay home and watch Maury and Nancy Grace.  I think I would shovel anything to avoid Nancy Grace.  ANYTHING!

The people in the colder states are weird.  When I visit my friends, I notice they are dressed in layers .  They put on layers to lounge.   WTF?   Living, is in my  Fruit of the Looms or Penney’s Towncraft jockeys  and a large floppy shirt. If ya drop by without calling you get to see my ginormous legs and other surprises.     And if I get cold.    Just crank up da heat.

On the east coast, you touch the thermostat and you’ll  return with one less finger. It’s not uncommon for people to have $300 to $500 a month heating bills.

But I’m cold in Sacramento. Cold.  I’m wearing my BIG Chicago, coat.  I bought it in Chicago after I arrived wearing a fleece jacket.   In Chicago, fleece is like tissue paper.    Normally, I wear it a couple a weeks a year in Sacramento, usually in January,February.

When they talked about  El Nin’o they talked about rain, snow in the mountains.

No one mentioned cold!!!  Scraping the fucking windows cold!  Falling on your ass cause there was ice on the fucking side walk cold!  ICE ON A SIDEWALK IN SACRAMENTO?   What the Fuck!

Sorry about the language.  I’m Cranky.  I was taught only common people swore.  People with limitations, limited vocabulary’s.


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What I want for Christmas, is lots of  Freezing Snow in the mountains.  Lots and Lots of rain in the Valley (sorry Rio Linda) and temperatures where they should be in the high 40’s and low 50’s .

Merry Christmas





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