Saving UP

Lynn, Indiana is a small town about 80 east of Indianapolis.   With a population less than eleven hundred, most people know each other.

Most people do there best to get along.  However, on the 700 of Westwood Drive one neighbor dislikes her neighbor, actually its more than dislike. She HATES her neighbor.   She says he’s a bad man!

Thing have come to a point where sixty nine year old  Jackie VanTyle, has been saving to make a change.  She wants him to move.  So she’s saving every day to make him move!

She’s saving her own Urine, buckets of it and throwing buckets of her urine onto her neighbors house after he leaves.

Her neighbor suspecting she was the culprit called Lynn police  October 14th.  M’s VanType denied she’d done anything.   She probably told police ,she was a sweet old lady who has arthritis and couldn’t possibly lift  a bucket of anything.

An officer said “a very strong odor of urine hit me” as he approached the northwest corner of the house, and said the condition of the home’s siding made it “obvious something was (being) thrown.”

Her neighbor, the bad man, installed cameras and just a few days later in beautiful HD  the sweet old lady was throwing her personal waste on his house.

Ms VanTyle initially denied knowing anything about the Urine.  Then she came clean, admitting she had been collecting urine in a bucket for several months and through her personal elixir on his house when he would leave.

Asked why she did it?  She simply said, “I don’t like him, he’s a bad neighbor!   Perhaps she will dig deeper Jan 12 when she faces the judge.

The criminal mischief charges filed by Randolph County Prosecutor David Daly’s office last Friday are Class A misdemeanors carrying maximum one-year jail terms.

Her urine did real damage. Court documents were accompanied by estimates of the cost of replacing the damaged siding on the victim’s home. They ranged from $2,100 to $3,798. Estimated cost of cleaning the existing siding ranged from $200 to $329.76.

One wonders what will she save up for the Judge



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