‘RHOA” S8 Ep8 ‘There’s No Business Like Friend Business’

Perhaps the people at Bravo thought we needed a break from the last couple of episodes so they gave us one tonight.

Kenya needing attention from a man creates a profile online.  At one point she meets up with Marlo to work out at the gym where there is a young trainer who is interested.   Kenya goes out, where they play a game of basketball.     No one has to leave a tip.

Cynthia gets flowers from Peter who drives from Charlotte for a date with his wife.

Stay Awake!  I had too!

Roger Bobb, Roger Bobb, Roger Bobb,

(Love dat name-one more time)


You remember him from last season. The questionable  of Boyfriend of Demetria McKinney.  It seems Kandi wrote some music for her album a Duet and the producers want a video featuring the two of them.  Don (no I don’t believe that his real name either-somewhere there is a mother screaming “Derrick” bring back my change! ) Juan.

On the set Don Juan is being protective is Kandi, he’s also being pro-shady.   She old, has to watch herself. or Tech-shady.

 Member Bunn?

(they broke out the oldies and the moldies last night)

Bunn was Apollo’s friend and Pheadra’s go to guy when Apollo had her hemmed up in the garage.   It was either the Bunn or the Po Po. Bunn brought gifts for the boys and aired Apollo’s concerns.  “He dont get to talk to his boy’s yausa yausa yausa. Phaedra calls her man her lier.

You will need your Hankie for this. I used my shirt!

I don’t remember seeing a Nanny, so all the props has to go to Phaedra.   Her sons are well spoken.    Phaedra is driving Aiden to his first day of Kindergarden.   She has him all dressed up in a Bow Tie  (his Tux was in the cleaners-you know this is Phaedra)   She asks him how he’s feeling heading to his first day of kindergarten, and he says he’s scared because “I want you to go wherever I go.”  (oh shit!) Phaedra promptly starts tearing up.  She says she’s scared, too, that she’s letting her baby go off, and he whimpers, “I’m still gonna be your baby,”  They pray together ( Damm-I need a moment and my shirt!)

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha

Porsha is not dumb.  Or is she?    She does, little things and says little things that makes your head tilt.    Just an observation, she pours bottled water into a mug and drinks it.  (perhaps it just me) .

Remember her man, her boo, her little Duky?   Apparently, neither does she.   She’s face timing it with her Salvadorian who has dated black women but hasn’t gotten serious.   Oliver likes her boobs and ass.   ending here.


The Main Event

Don Juan is NO Peter Thomas

Its the Video Release party.  The husbands are there, this time Kim Fields husband (sorry cant remember his name)

Speaking of Kim Fields, she gets dressed up and that ani’t good.  She goes for Pretty Women and hits Golden Girls.   Shorts, sequins, thigh high boots.  (computer says “NO”)

The vid looks good.  Todd tells Kandi another Grammy ( Computer say No!)


The husband’s sit together. Before their asses can hit the chair. Peter mentions the money Phaedra owes Todd.  Todd runs with it and Kim Fields husband looks as if he doesn’t know what to do next.

Phaedra asks Todd to meet with her at her office, case closed moving on.

 Don Juan will not earn a peach or pre peach tonight.  The pre peach belongs to Peter Thomas, who knows how to piss off the ladies one by one.     

Outside as they wait for their cars Phaedra is giving Porsha and a few of the ladies background on the Todd situation, its basic talk as they wait.   Don Juan, appears near the end of their conversations and buts in.  He’s supporting his friends right? Nah, he’s just being messy!  He goes off on nothing.  Porsha tried to tell him he was missing some details  but the fool kept flapping him gums with no information, trying to be relevant.

Don Juan didn’t get any traction with these ladies.  Phaedra denied his existence so he zoomed in on Porsha   Who tried to tell him to calm down and he screams she needs to calm down!  Little Porsha laughed at him and”told him to get some water and some rest”

Like go sit down Bitch!

Epic fail! He couldn’t get Porsha turned up!

Can Someone say Ouch!







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