RHOA S8 Ep9 “Shade for Days

Lets be clear

Don Juan  is a peach wanting, trouble making, little puke!

Last week Don Juan tried to make a lot out of nothing. Appearing at the end of a conversation Phaedra was having with friends, that he found important enough to enter.  He was immediately dismissed by Phaedra and later Porsha. How Dare Porsha Dismiss him.!

The Shit Show featuring “Don Juan”

What does Carmon and Don (you know this isn’t his real name) Juan do for Kandi other than picking up a check?  Remember the Ski Trip where Todd’s assistant did all the work? any da who?

Shamea who was actually a third in the full conversation with Phaedra and Porsha wants to meet with Kandi.  To tell her what went down after the Video party. Don Juan, trying to keep cool said, Shamea I’m surprised that your here? He now has to protect his bit of fiction.  Don and Carmon was talking loud and over Shama who to her credit wouldn’t let them trash her friends.

Don Juan makes up his own special version on the conversation.  Is trashing Phaedra and  Porsha along the way.   Carmon WHO KNOWS  how messy Don IS getting caught up in his fictional version of the four seconds of what he heard.   Home trash, supposedly a GOOD friend to Kandi has done his best to make sure the relationship between Phaedra and Kandi stays raw.   The killer is how gullible Kandi is, she also knows the limitations of her friends as we do of our own friends and she yet she allows herself to be influenced by Don (Home Trash) Juan.  He want to demonize Porsha who didn’t say anything about Todd or Kandi, she was just there an innocent bystander who dismissed Home Trash.

    If Don Juan really wants a peach he to take his Trifilin assets to the produce section of his local Kroger.

Yall needed to talk a long time ago

The center of this controversy is the money Phaedra owes Todd for the exercise DVD produced by Todd a few years ago.

When it comes to this money, Phaedra has been talking a lot of shit about Todd. In the confessional Shadra was being Shadra, talking about how Todd needs his money because his shows failed.    The motive of the pissery (another word I made up) is unknown.   Perhaps she is pissed about Todd’s relationships with Apollo. Perhaps it was about the storing of his belonging at his home.  Who knows?

Phaedra., being Being  defensive, she says “Todd been yapping away about me owing him money, but he’s conveniently left out that he owes me an exercise DVD” It’s clear Phaedra, isn’t too worried about the DVD. What is it called? Donkey 2 or the return of the Donkey?  People have a way about asking for what they want. So this DVD isn’t a priority to Ms Donkey Butt.

Todd’s not totally innocent. This transactions happens years ago.  The timing is curious. Suddenly its become an issue and he act’s as if Kandi should handle his business.

If Kandi had Todd in her life before the “Tardy to the Party debacle” she wouldn’t have lost a dime.   Cause Todd,  being the professional, backed up his shit in HD .  Presented Phaedra with copies of contracts and cancelled checks and documents and told her what she need to do to finish the project as to say NOW WHAT!!!!

Phaedra now and forever knows not to play in Todd’s backyard.  Todd will be getting his money before he takes her new boobs.     The End, (slow fade) .

And another thing  (this was inspired by  Ashley Miller’s You Tube Channel-Find her! ) Ms Butt.  You need to let go of this poor single woman bit. There are millions of single women without your wealth , rasing their children, holding down the house and paying there bills on TIME, so knock it off, its tired and not a good look on a woman who prides herself of having many jobs.

Her hand of cards

A lot of people despise Kenya Moore.  A shit stirrer she is.  Outside of her reality and professional life, she is a real person who wants a loving a mother and father.

Her mother wants nothing to do with her.   Kenya’s dad moved the family from Detroit to Houston . When she was 12 ,she ran away back to Detroit. her father didn’t talk to her for years her leaving.

When she attempts to communicate with her dad, we don’t see love. Despite her accomplishments, he is clearly disappointed and disapproving.  He criticizes a glass of water, a simple glass of water. If there is love from him it must come from a  teeny tiny place in his heart off camera. While we see a soft side of him, he is often cruel to her.    Kenya  wants a dad, perhaps a dad with a shoulder, a reassuring hug, someone who will tell her everything is gonna be okay.  He is not the one and possibly he will never ever be the father she needs. Its sad, she was dealt a hand of bad parents and she needs to move on.

Uh oh A Party

The Cynthia Bailey Eye-ware Appreciation Party

The first fart of the evening happened when Cynthia said she wanted both Kim Fields and Kenya Moore to work on a Commercial for her eye glasses.   That’s like asking Oprah and Kris Kardashian to produce a Talk show. One is clearly more qualified and has more experience. Kim took the high road. didn’t cuss anyone out.

All the players are at this party, including Home Trash, Carmon, Shamea and all the other players  Porsha asks to speak to Kandi alone.  With all the players present (can somebody say Hello!)  Don (Home Trash) Juan apologized and admitted he can sometimes go over the top but he just being supportive of his friend Kandi.  Porsha dismisses it and wants to talk to Kandi ALONE.     Home Trash and Carmon wasn’t having it and followed. Porsha  looked and basically said, forget this shit and left.

A frustrated Porsha talks to her bud Shamea, asking when was the last time Kandi couldn’t talk to me in private?  Now Carmon is stirring shit telling HER tale. Porsha is determine to talk to Kandi.  She tries.  Kandi has attitude, and has now fully absorbed Home Trashes version of the story.  Then the discussion take another turn.  Porsha’s friendship with Phaedra.  Porsha said she been supportive of me and I’m supportive of her ,she needs me more than you do, she just lost her husband a single parent, and Kandi went to 100!  She didn’t want to be with him anyway you believe the HYPE!

Porsha, Porsha,Porsha!

Porsha’s sister Lauren is expecting. Porsha is a bit jealous and insensitive.  Going on about who’s going to be her assistant.  Didn’t she have a million people in her company? None of them are available?   Working for Dish Nation at the Emmy’s she knocked it out of the park.


Did you see the Video,Unnecessary Trouble

Featuring Demetria McKinny and Kandi Burruss ?

I liked it-What do you Think!

Next Week the Return of Monster Joyce

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