1st Stupid Celebrity of 2016

The first stupid celebrity of 2016 is 50 cent.  A few years ago Home Cheese posted a sex tape online of a Florida woman.  It was an in direct hit at his rival Rick Ross.

The jury said (pay) and victim was awarded 7mil.  After the award 50cent has been cryin,telling anyone who would listen his name should have been one cent, cause he’s been frontin.  And he cant pay the award.

One cent wants the verdict to be reduced to 1.6 million.

Her attorneys are saying are you kidding? No way!

After filing bankruptcy one cent has gone on TV telling Conan O’ Brian how he dropped 1.6 million on Floyd Mayweather’s match and also “made it it rain,” at a strip club.

One cent regularly posts pictures of himself on Instagram with of stacks of cash.

Hey, one cent?  Stop Playing, no one believes you drive a Kia Rio.