Powerball gone wrong? Winner risks millions for boyfriend

February 2015 was good for Marie Holmes of Shallotte ,North Carolina.  Ms Holmes  received 88 million after winning the Powerball.

When she won the money she promised to help her church and the community .

Ms Holmes made good on her promise. She gave the Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist church nearly $700, 000. The church helped the single mother of four, while she was struggling working at Wal Mart and McDonalds

She formed the Marie Holmes Foundation nearly ten million dollars has been set aside to repair the church and to help struggling single mothers, elderly and others needing help.

She has helped her family and others.


Ms Homes has also showered her boyfriend Lamarr Mcdow with expensive gifts.  Mc Dow is the father her youngest child.

With her winnings ,she paid 3 million to bail him out of jail.  Mc Dow was in jail after being arrested on a charge of trafficking heroin in November of 2014.

The couple has been together for more than two years.   In addition to the gifts, she has also helped him set up an auto-repair business (that has employed 11 young people McDow says he wants to keep off the streets)  However, he’s been re-arrested twice after she posted the initial 3 million.     Mcdow says the arrests are because of his skin color.

Last July, he was arrested with weed and a gun.  The bail for that infraction was 6 million dollars.   Last week, he was arrested for allegedly being involved in an illegal drag race, he says it was all a misunderstanding.  Bail 12 million.


Friends, social media has been rough on Marie Holmes, a young 28 year old women.  They’ve been very critical , they see a stand up woman, standing up for someone who may not be worthy of her generosity.  A woman who bought a modest home for her family with her winnings.

Perhaps it was her upbringing.  Her father is currently in prison serving five years for drug offences.

The total figure at risk for Holmes is $21 million, but she’s already lost a significant amount of money. Bail bondsmen in the Brunswick County area told WECT the going non-refundable rate is anywhere from 7 percent to 10 percent. Given that figure, Holmes has already spent anywhere from $1.47 million to $2.1 million.

McDow is set to make his first appearance on the street racing charge on Jan. 19, according to the News Online. If he doesn’t show up, Holmes stands to lose a sizable amount of cash.

McDow says, that’s what people do for each other.  For a lot of people who knows her, wonder how much is enough? or is she willing to lose it all to stand by her man.