RHOA-S8 EP10 “Trouble on the Family Tree” (The Return of Monster/Mother Joyce)


Family affair: The reality star was glad that her father's side of the family showed up and stayed


This could be called the Family Episode  Porsha and her sister Lauren, Kandi and Monster Joyce*.  Kenya and the Moore’s. Peter and Cynthia.

Remember this Short Song

Ain’t no drama like family drama 

cause family drama , don’t stop!

Kandi and Monster Joyce*

There was a time when we loved Kandi’s mother Joyce. She was a sweet lady who could have been everyone’s mother.  She disapproved  of Kandi’s male choices and went off the rails after she was engaged to Todd Tucker. Her madness forced a change in names, she went from Mother Joyce to Monster Joyce.

Last night we saw a glimpse of Mother Joyce.  She and Kandi went shopping for the new children and the subject of Phaedra came up.  Monster wanted everything to be calm for Kandi and her high risk pregnancy.   Despite her daughters wishes she visits to Phaedra and sought a reconciliation and in a skillful move or Georgia Luck tapped Phaedra to Lead and host Kandi’s baby shower.  The question is Mother back?

Porsha and Lauren

Porsha wants her sister and assistant to be there for her 24/7.  Lauren’s life and needs comes after Porsha’s needs.  Porsha freaks when Lauren misses a delivery.  She seems to have little patience for her sisters pregnancy.  The two fight at the GYM.  Porsha later apologies and asks why Lauren kept her pregnancy a secret from her for so long; Lauren explains that she did that because she was sensitive to Porsha. Porsha wanted to have children with her husband but was unable.

The Main Event

Kenya’s Family Reunion

Kenya is throwing a family reunion in her home town of Detroit.  Her friend Brandon and her Aunt Lori travels with her from Atlanta.  The majority of the attendees are from her father side.   The only person attending from her mothers side is her Aunt Lori.  Lori is her mothers older sister.

Her mother had her when she was 15 (her dad was 16)  From her dad we learn her mother’s father was cold to him, they could be in the same room and her father would completely ignore her dad.

Kenya’s mother wanted to give her up for adoption, but her father’s mother begged to keep her, so that’s who mostly raised her. Although she’s close with Lori, her mother’s sister, her mother has never wanted anything to do with her and ignores her existence.  At her mothers insistence Lori wont share her personal phone number with Kenya.

Its difficult not to feel sorry for Kenya.  However, when she drives up in a van with full of people and drives up to her moms door.   Remember, Kenya hasn’t seen her mom in……….     So she has a van and a camera crew and expects her mom to walk out and say hi?    I think not.  She reports back that she heard her mother lock the door from the inside. Reality Television Too much?

Last week, I was hard on Kenya’s dad.  Last night we learned more about him.  He was genuinely hurt by Kenya, and her silence.  Some of her interactions with her family seems camera ready . The tee shirts passed out say’s  “Kenya’s family reunion” speaks well to her narcissism.

Another person who did not attend the family reunion was Aunt Lori.

We’ll learn next week why.

Closing the Book

Phaedra sees the video, the video was filmed a day before she had her last child.  She doesn’t like they way she looks and doesn’t intend to release the video.  In the confessional, she is being Phaedra snarky-“I’m not crying about a couple thousand dollars — I have jobs.”  Todd has it all together and its done.  Todd’s gonna get his money.

Speaking of NEXT week.  Nene returns, did she and Cynthia mend?



Don Juan is a peach wanting, trouble making, little puke!

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