Allen Warren’s investigation may be too Juicy for prime time

The Sacramento Bee and a few other media outlets are is crying foul at the city’s decision to withhold the findings of the sexual harassment claim against  councilman Allen Warren.

While the claim against Mayor Kevin Johnson was notable and could occupy a few minutes on TMZ.   The claim against Warren could be the foundation of a Lifetime movie.

For nearly two years, Warren’s former aid Celia Chacon said she had provided Warren with sexual favors and said Warren threatened to fire her if she didn’t.  (She was fired last June)  What makes this claim different from the claim against Johnson are the details.

Chacon has many details, from their various business and visits to her home to trips and a stop at his cabin in the woods near Oroville.   Chacon say’s she didn’t quit because she is a single mother.  Warren is Married with Children.  The councilman is up for re-election this year.

Despite its promise of transparency City Hall is on lock down, no one, can speak on the Warren affair.

While something or someone ($$$$$$$) may have made the Johnson matter disappear. $16,000 wasn’t enough for Chacon.(There are some connected to the matter says the $16,000 was never offered) 

The City hired an outside firm to investigate the matter.  With the investigation complete, the City says the public interest is better served by not disclosing the information.

Media attorneys are actively looking for an opening within the law and then there is Chacon who could tell or sell her side of the story.

Warren’s re-election bid could be contentious as the press will want answers.

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