RHOA: S8 E11 “Nene’s Back

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 1/17/16: Season 8 Episode 11 "Ms. Parks Goes to Washington"

The Real Housewives has (so far) taken a different direction this season.  There are fewer long extended fights between the women.  This season there seems to be conflicts then a quick resolution within a couple of episodes. No more three four episodes of fights and endless arguments.  This trend began on RHNY last season and continues in Atlanta.  Thanks Bravo.

“Kenya’s Absentee Mommy”

We begin with Kenya and Cynthia at the site of Kenya home which is under construction.   They discuss Kenya’s family reunion and the drama surrounding her birth mom.   Its difficult not to feel for Kenya who just wants answers from the mother who didn’t want her.  She tells Cynthia after the reunion she has and had become closer with her dad.

While she has closure with her mom.  She needs closure with her Aunt Lori.  Lori, who flew to Detroit didn’t attend the reunion.  Lori said her sister called and was upset by Kenya’s impromptu visit and feels Kenya should have called first.  Kenya is hurt that her Aunt took her mothers side.   A mother we learn, who would not acknowledge Kenya’s presence at events where they were both present.

Lori feels, while she loves Kenya ,her mom had every right to give Kenya away.  Kenya responds, telling  her aunt that she has no issue with being given away. she takes issue with the way her mother has treated her since she has come back into her life. Kenya tells her aunt that she is tired of being ignored. Kenya then tells her that after being at the house and that final confrontation “a dark cloud had been lifted off of her and she felt lighter.”Its odd, Lori a mother of a daughter would not attempt to facilitate some type of meeting between the two.

She’s till Monster Joyce!

My favorite part of last nights episode is when Kandi and Todd went to Monster’s  house to see of they can get the sisters Bertha, Nora and Monster Joyce to help with a restaurant they are proposing.  The family is in full attendance.  Now I’m not sure if Monster Joyce had some liquor in her sweet tea, because she was super sweet.  (Perhaps she read the blogs-as she was right behind  Kenya as the least like person on the show)    She grabs  Kandi with a squishy rocking hug with a very loud “I love you”!   (someone taste test her tea!)

But the killer was Todd( the man she wanted to wipe off the face of the planet or Georgia ) she grabbed Todd with even more enthusiasm “I LOVE YOU”  “HOW YOU DOIN !”  Todd’s expression was one of shock!

Todd lays on the Butter, who’s the best cook? Bertha tosses her hand up “I am!”   He tells the ladies he is thinking of opening up a restaurant called the “Old Ladies Gang” . Bertha (who never fails to give us one ) say’s “Oh hell no!”  Not the reaction he was hoping for. The rest of the gang was silent, including his loving mother in law Monster Joyce.   He applied more butter, crickets.

The Main Event

Ms Parks Goes to Washington

Phaedra goes Washington to participate in the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. She takes her well behaved 5 year old Aiden.   She invites Kim ,Porsha and Sheree. Kim brings her two boys and Sheree brings her 6.6 foot son.   Phaedra has an organization called Save Our Son ‘s and she meets with various politicians.  In a very touching moment she meets a group of women called Mothers for Justice United, who shared their stories of their sons being killed and the effect on their lives.

Kim travels alone with her two sons a twenty month year old and a poor behaving 8 year who vocally found everything boring.  She later says she didn’t doesn’t want him to be exposed to concepts that he can’t fully comprehend yet. Phaedra says she doesn’t have “the luxury of sugarcoating reality” with her sons.  Kim didn’t participate in the luncheon because of a squirmy 20 month old (understandable) and leaves before the march because she had obligations back in Atlanta . (Why did you come again?)

“The Return of Nene”

The big build up with the self proclaimed Queen went no where.  The Leaks and the Thomas are together again.   Cynthia and Nene, Nene and Cynthia was awkward. The two have been communicating but Nene still has Cynthia blocked on social media.   While they seemed to be happy seeing each other, Cynthia 2.0 is a different woman. She tells the queen, that Kenya is her girl.   Nene doesn’t like being #2 or Kenya. So we will watch what happens next.

Are you Buying the Sweet Monster Joyce?

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