Vote Trump/Palin 2016

By CityFella

A match made for prime time ?   They both like fighting.  No one enjoys a social media fight more than DT.

 Unless he’s insulted.

In Alaska the Palin clan seems to enjoy an old fashion throw down.


Who needs a script, both Tramp and Palin prefer to shoot from the hip and occasionally they make sense. (occasionally)  The facts often confused them.


The two are perfect examples of Christianity. They want to rid the world of terrorists*   Palin wants to bomb their asses and Tramp say’s he would bomb the shit out of Isis.

*They are both silent on the issue of Domestic Christian Terrorists.

Finally the two have extraordinary eye sight.  Palin can see Russia and Russians from her window and only Trump saw thousands of Muslims from Trump Tower cheering as the towers fell.

Vote Trump Palin 2016

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