Remember the Malt Shop

By CityFella

Remember  the Malt Shop?  It was the place where the cool kids met.   A place where you could meet the boy or girl of your dreams.   At least on TV,  at least in the 40’s 50’s and possibly 60’s.

I’ve never seen a Malt Shop. I been to a Baskin and Robbins Ice Creme Store and sampled their many flavors on a teeny tiny pink spoon.

When I was coming up, you met people at parties, then later the Mall.

Today a lot of people meet  via  some form of social media.  The difference is, at the Malt Shop, and at parties and the Mall,you knew what you were getting.  Today, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, could be Michael, Michael, Micheal or Mildred the cougar who believes with a lot of foundation and a little Jean Nate behind her ears could look 37 in the right light.

Today’s world is more stressful.  Will he or she resemble the picture on my phone?   Are they who they say they are?  NO Worries about being Catfished.  No… gimmie the Malt Shop.