RHOA: S8 EP11″ When you just don’t like her”

Last night’s episode was much to do about nothing.  Kandi and Todd received a refresher course in baby-dom.  Porsha could be a media darling. Phaedra is moving forward with her attorneys to divorce Apollo.


“The Main Event”

‘Beauties and the Beat’    or

“When you just cant stand the Bitch!”

Just when Atlanta fans are feeling a little love and understanding for Kenya Moore. She takes out her trusty cauldron out to stir up some shit.

Kim Fields has been in front of a camera most of her life on TV series and commercials. She strutted her stuff down many Red Carpets and today she is unmoved by the flash and prefers to spend time with her husband and children.

 Atlanta is a large city with quite a few celebrities, but no one will confuse Atlanta with Los Angeles,New York or Miami.  The Red Carpet and other media events are important to Kenya and some of the other women.  If they knew the press would cover the opening of a Dollar General Store, they’d be there.

(I’ve sometime questioned the caliber of the guests at these Red Carpet events-some of  the guest at these events  looked as if they were fillers.  Standing around to  make the event seem full.) 

Kenya Moore had a motive when she initially met Kim Fields an accomplished producer director.  She wanted Kim to look and repair her self directed pilot “The World Twirls On” Kenya’s disdain began after  Kim didn’t leap on the project.

Kim’s unwillingness to play in the housewives game added to Kenya’s dislike of her..  By all accounts Kim is a straight shooter and she has called Kenya out on her shit.

Kim isn’t to fond of Kenya but she is giving it a try.  She has no idea of Kenya’s hatred of her.

Meanwhile its time for another Housewives trip (without a preggers Kandi) to Jamaica

She should have kept her ass at home!

With everyone inviting her to events. She thought she would have a “Beatless Brunch” at her home.   (Beatless means without makeup) Which cause some of the women to pause.  To their credit, while Kim has gone free, they haven’t.

From the moment Kenya received the invitation she was outraged, she took “Beatless” as a personal attack.

A normal person would have stayed her ass at home. But you cant use Kenya and normal in the same sentence.

Kandi lost the bet

Kandi had to pleasure of driving Kenya to brunch, where she had to listen to Kenya go on about who has the right to tell her how she should look……

Only Sheree, came beat free and looked better than the other women.  Kenya leap on Kim, basically telling Kim she was dumb and stupid and her party was dumb and stupid.

Kim is taken aback but not broken.   Kenya’s wants  THE COMPLETE AND UTTER DESTRUCTION OF KIM FIELDS!

Shady Bailey Returns

Cynthia, wants a commercial for her Sunglass line.  She wants her current besty Kenya and Kim to produce a commercial for her.  (To be fair: Bravo put her up to this)  When she first suggested this doomed collaboration,  Kim wasn’t feeling it.   So after the all the confrontations, and the brunch, she suggests meeting for the three.

Kim arrives and immediately has an idea that Cynthia likes.  So they wait for Kenya. After a few minutes ,Cynthia calls Kenya who tells her, she’s not coming(she’s really a good friend) she has pressing things at the house.   Perhaps she means her new young boyfriend.

Even after Kenya shits on her, she still wants the two to work together.


Last Week-The Mouth Returned



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