Sacramento Area Officers Convicted of Rape while on Duty

 November 2015

A jury convicted former Sacramento Police officer Gary Dale Baker, 52, of rape, forcible oral copulation, felony sexual battery, first-degree burglary and other charges July 20 after Baker broke into the woman’s apartment three different times between 2010 and 2012.  The disabled  victim is in her seventies and lived in a senior complex. Baker received life.

February 2014

A Yolo County Jury convicted former West Sacramento Police Officer Sergio Alvarez who received 205 in prison for raping and Kidnapping


How does the departments handle accusations of sexual misconduct by police officers.  In light of the charges of the two officers what changes if any has been taken by  the Sacramento and West Sacramento Police Departments?

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 A National Problem? Police Officers Raping Citizens While on Duty

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