Funny Lady



Some of my friends used to cringe when I told them I was once a fan of Rush Limbaugh.

Thirty years ago he was funny, crude and entertaining.   He reminded me of Howard Stern, who really didn’t care what you thought.   He went after liberals, people of color and the establishment.   Sure our politics were different and his humor insulted many people including blacks, for me funny is funny.

He seemed to lose his humor as his audience grew.  I tried to continue to listen, to hear the other side but the ego slash god complex was too much for this listener.


Forbes Magazine said Limbaugh was the 11th highest earning celebrity in the world. His success spawned many imitators. Hannity, Hewett, O’Reiley  angry white men,with an angry demographic 65+.

Funny Ladies

A few years ago I wrote liberal Radio/TV host weren’t funny.  The tide is changing, from Stephanie Miller and Sandra Burnhart on Radio to Rachel Maddow on TV.  For the most part the Ladies aren’t beating the listener with left wing hate.

Maddow is sharp, smart and funny.  She is Stanford grad earning a degree in public policy.  She earned a Doctor of Philosophy in politics at Oxford.   Her career began in Radio and she was host on the ill fated Air America network.  In 2008 she appeared on MSNBC.  Today her show is the number one show on the cable network.

She was one of the few new outlets that reported on the water crises in Flint, Michigan.