Stuck on Stupid (S.O.S) in St Petersburg Florida

Let’s give 19 year old Deondre Thomas of St Petersburg, Florida a pass.  After all he is 19 and smoking a lil MJ doesn’t make one fast on his feet.

Young Home Cheese was pulled over for a tinted glass violation.

(In many states you cant used dark limo tint on the windshield and front windows)

So when Home Cheese Lite (HCL) was pulled over and he opened the door the smell of the MJ was evident.   (Prob so strong it knocked the office over).

Then when they checked (HCL)’s drivers Licence it was suspended.

Next (yes, the hits keep coming)  

Next up, the obligatory (after weve smelled a lot of marijuana) search.

 WHERE they find two small bags of Cocaine in (HCL’S)  right shoe.

Wait for it!

W eve established  (HCL) isn’t quick on his feet and the follow lines are for your enjoyment (we weren’t there)

“Awe Man”

 These anit my shoes, these are my brothers shoes.

 Damm! I keep doin this.

 Putting on the wrong shoes.

 Officer I swear, these are my brothers shoes.  Awe Man!  

 A two thousand dollar bond was posted and Deondre is free.

Perhaps his brother will confess during the trial.

(Did he say brother? He meant to say his friend shoes-his friend is like his brother)