Creamy Creamy Ice Cream in a Lactose World

God has a sense of humor.  Who doesn’t like Ice Cream?  I love the creamy richness of Ice Cream and good Ice Cream.  Most of the stuff in the freezer section is crap. However, when you have children, you buy crap, they don’t know the difference, so its whatever is the cheapest.

My world is child free, and I don’t mind paying for the good stuff.  I’m worth it.

Somewhere in my thirties my world took a hard right and suddenly I had to watch my milk intake.  Over time I learned to manage it,  consuming carbs especially bread as a liner for my stomach seemed to work.   However, one small glass of milk on an empty stomach led to devastation on the highest level.  One day I completed an 378 page paperback on the throne.

My current favorite Ice Creme is nearly everything made by  Tillamook.  (Those Oregon farmers got dairy down)

My weakness is homemade Ice Cream, if someone hands me a bowl, cup or glass, I lose control.   I am currently writing this on my cell phone in the Rest Room at the Fountains shopping center in Roseville, its very possible I will be here through dinner.

But it sho was goood!