“RHOA” S8EP13 Kenya Unleashes the Housewife in Kim Fields

The Bravo field trip opened better than most.  The heat between Kenya and Kim overshadowed Nene’s return.  Episode 13 was funny. The Queen of Shade Phaedra was on point and the banter between Porsha and Phaedra was hysterical.  Sheree’s shady ways have returned and for the first time we get an ear full from Kim’s husband Chris. The Main Event was Kenya and Kim.


The trip to Jamaica, Cynthia and Peter, Kenya and the new seemingly real boyfriend Matt.  Porsha and Phaedra, Kim, Chris,  their two children and Babysitter. And lawdy, lawdy Bob Whitfield (Sheree’s much maligned ex ) is in attendance.     Everyone was shocked to see Bob.   Bob says he saw Sheree at a party and he put his bad eye on her . Porsha without missing a beat asked which one? It was funny but you kinda felt dirty afterwards.

Preserving A Friendship

Lets be clear, Kenya Moore doesn’t really have any friends in this circle.  While nearly all the housewives have had fights, no one really trusts Kenya.  They tolerate her.  A lot of the things that happen last night was due to Kenya’s hurt feelings.  Not giving her a pass this is just an opinion.

Kenya was one of the few ladies that picked up the bones of Cynthia after Nene broke her. it took Cynthia a while to recover from the Nene break up and Kenya was a supportive friend.  . Kenya believed she had a real friendship with Cynthia.

We learned a lot about Kenya this season and some who have HATED Kenya in the past has found some understanding and love due to what we have learned about the relationship she has with her parents.   Having said all that.  Kenya is still a bitch when things doesn’t go her way!  Not only on this show but on others. Who can forget the epic fight between Kenya and Vivica Fox.


On the bus to the hotel,our Shady Shadra asks Cynthia who was directing and producing her eyeware commercial. Cynthia RHOA’s  resident flip flopper says that Kenya wasn’t able to make it to the pitch meeting, so Kim would be handling it.

Kenya never dreamed that her besty would choose her over her enemy.  Cynthia felt betrayed by her friend, a friend she supported .  Kenya’s no call no show to a business meeting was unforgivable.  This was business, and in business you dont get a second chance.

Cynthia Bailey is a nice gurl  she has a good heart. However, she doesn’t like confrontations ,so she will change to nearly any position to make it go away.  This flip flopping make it difficult on those who likes her.

Kim Fields Must Die!

Kim Fields annoys the hell out of Kenya.  Kenya is a street fighter with a lot of mouth. With the exception of Phaedra, Kenya has been very successful getting the women to fight on her terms . The woman could make Mother Teresa scream and cuss her out, which would please Kenya. (didn’t you like it when Mother Teresa called me a mutha fuckin Bitch!)

Kim rarely raises her voice and she seems calm and rational.  This throws Kenya, I think she would prefer Kim to ignore her as Phaedra has, it would represent another victory. Despite her jabs at Kim, Kim rarely loses her composure as she cant engage Kim in a tit for tat war.  Kenya views this as condescending.

Kill the evil bitch!  Kill the evil bitch who thinks she’s better.  At the meeting with Cynthia, Kenya went after Kim, she gave her nearly everything she had.  When she demanded Kim tell her how many commercials had she shot?  Kim didn’t play, and ignored her.  At one point Kim seemed bored by it all and Kenya sensed it. So before Kim could leave Kenya ran around the table and yanked the chair Kim was sitting in    NOW I know quite a few women who would have turned around and there would have been  weaves on the floor!  This is a Kenya Moore we haven’t seen and we thought weve seen everything!

Cynthia should have intervened,  Firmly told Kenya to stop !  This  might have changed the outcome.  But what she did was mutter stop.

Kim Fields Housewife Killer?

Its difficult being the nice guy, taking the high road.   Kim Fields snapped when Kenya yanked her chair.  You could see it in her eyes…  Like what the fuck?  I’m not sure what stopped her, perhaps she realized she was being filmed.

But Kenya got to her.  In her suite she vented to her husband Chris. She shouted, she cussed.   FUCK! SHIT!  Kim (bible study) Fields?   Kenya may unearthed  Regine Hunter, now I know that was just a role.  But she picked up something.   Chris said she wasn’t a street fighter, neither was Regine. Regine was a evil plotter, much like Joan  (Alexis Carrington Colby) Collins and she took them down.  Kenya is a street fighter.  Will their be an all and out war?  This is reality TV, I sure in the hell hopes so.

Hi Nene, good to see you! (maybe)

The dinner guest were shocked to see Greg and Nene Leaks.  Not sure everyone was happy to see the Queen Bee return.   Porsha said she had just spoken to Nene the day before and she didn’t say she was coming.  Kenya was speechless, like damm!  Damm! Damm! Damm! The Bitch is Back!

Sheree and Nene have been frenemies for years their fights have been epic.  Prehaps with time they have soften a bit, they genuinely liked seeing each other.  It was fun to see the the major fights in the past.   Sheree is A Street Fighter, her role this season seem to be a shit stirrer.    She’s no Kenya, her approach is more of the kindly messenger who means no harm what so ever, is delicious.

Is she? of isn’t she?

With the Queen Bee back, the ladies are salivating……  Its time for Queeny Poo to know she’s been replaced.   Kenya is your gurl’s BFF.   Cynthia (RHOA’S resident flip flopper) says well that’s not really the case.  Nene is calm but irritated, she IS not going to be replaced, especially not by Miss Kenya Moore.

Sheree Wins 

Someone had to break the news to Kenya.  Someone had to tell Kenya what Cynthia said about her and Sheree Whitfield’s wins.  On the beach Phaedra and Porsha are joking about the BFF drama and taking shots at Cynthia.

 Christopher Morgan loved the attention

Kim Fields husband has been reality quiet, but he loved being the center of attention and has a small endorsement from Nene.  We could be witnessing the beginning of a new shit stirrer. Peter Thomas, you better look out.   A new messy househusband could be emerging.

Next Week, The Drama Escalates, is it Nene’s turn at the Cauldron Stirring up trouble? 

If your a resent fan of Kenya’s has her treatment of Kim changed your opinion of her?

What about Nene’s return, what are your feelings?  Let a CityFella know.


Last Week

When you just don’t like her! (Kim Fields)







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