Woman withdraws sex harassment claim against Sacramento Councilman Allen Warren

From Sacramento Bee 2/4/16

The former city employee who accused Sacramento Councilman Allen Warren of sexual harassment has withdrawn her claim, saying in a statement Thursday she “regrets any negative impact her allegations may have had on Councilmember Warren or the city.”

Delia Chacon, a former aide in Warren’s office, filed a claim with the city in July alleging that Warren threatened to fire her if she ended their sexual relationship. The claim said Warren perpetrated an atmosphere of “quid pro quo sexual harassment” and said he used his supervisory role over Chacon to “repeatedly coerce her into submission to his repeated sexual requests.”

Chacon said in a statement released by attorney Ralph Lee she “has withdrawn all of her claims” and “hopes that all parties may peacefully and positively move forward with their lives, families, and other endeavors.” Lee did not respond to a question asking whether there was a financial settlement between Chacon and Warren.