Scion is Dead


Toyota is killing Scion.  2016 is its last model year.  Toyota will incorporate many of Scion models into Toyota the iA, iM, FR-S and C-HR will all continue under the Toyota brand.

Before Scion the average age of the Toyota buyer was getting close to the Oldsmobile and Buick buyer (In 2010 the average age if a Buick Buyer was 62 today its 54) Toyota was 47 today its 51.

GM killed Saturn, Pontiac and Oldsmoblie.   China kept the Buick name alive. Buick is GM’s best selling division in China.

Scion’s mission was to attract the younger buyer.  Allowing the buyer to customize the cars through the Toyota/Scion dealers.  Scion dealers where told the models would have a short product cycle.   The Scion’s was marketed at car shows.  However many of the

. many buyers if the XB was older 

and the XA wasn’t attractive.

Toyota didn’t keep its promise if short product cycles.

While Toyota did develop sportier model the original model was scraped.  Marketing of the brand was limited . The average age of the Scion buyer is 36.

The Scion brand is dead as of Dec 31.