Note to Rudy Giuliani: Beyonce is an artist, Now Sit down!

Dear Rudy Giuliani,

You are an intelligent man . The well respected former Mayor of New York City.    Like you I am Baby Boomer,from the San Francisco Bay Area the Birthplace of the Black Panthers.

I find your comment about her performance as an “attack” on police officers a stretch.

Both Malcolm X and the Panthers were  positives to the black communities.  I’ve seen the Panthers feed the poor.  I have watched them act as buffers between the police who before the Panthers beat and terrorized black communities.

Beyonce is an artist, most of her fans (and the viewers) and members of the police departments that you insist are under attack are much younger than we are, and do not know who Malcolm X or Black Panthers are.

The Majority of the viewers enjoyed her performance. Few if any found the symbolism (your words) of the clothes worn and X formation in the performance objectionable.

Should we be concerned about other performers (marching bands) wearing black and forming a giant X?

As a result of your comments and appearance of Fox, some now have a negative view of the Megastar .  Having said that, Beyonce isn’t likely to lose sleep or a fans due to this contrived controversy.

If there is a positive in this convoluted silliness. Is the History Lesson. Younger people are using their Smartphones to reach back in time, to learn about Malcolm X and the Black Panthers.

If Beyonce wanted publicity for her album and upcoming tour, she should write you a check.

Finally, I’m a little more than concerned.  Does growing older mean we are closed off to new information?    Do we become that old man who calls new Music racket?  My music tastes spans many decades.  From Peggy Lee, to Adele.  Perry Como to Jason Derulo.  I’m sorry that you are easily outraged.  Your not alone, there are many people who find things that isn’t there.  Making a MOUNTAIN out of a tiny mold hill. I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed your time on TV.  My watch says you’ve used twelve of your fifteen minutes.  Now joining   Donald TV already in progress.