Notorious “D” From Staten Island

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Her fans say’s she is the realist, hard core

Drita D’avanzo  is a mother, business owner, freelance make up artist,aspiring rapper and author and the most popular star on   VH1’s “Mob Wives”.

A few days ago Notorious D turned herself in after beating Mary Bratti. Some reports say Bratti was hospitalized.  Notorious D was charged with misdemeanor assault.   The fight was over a parking space.

The fight was taped and seen on TMZ.  Reached for comment Wednesday, Bratti asked if the Advance would pay money for information on the case. When the answer was no, she had no comment.  (from

No Lightweight

Fans of Mob Wives have witnessed the fast reflexes of Notorious D. who boxes in a gym and trains like a professional fighter on Staten Island.   Castmate “Big Ang” said Drita used to beat up all the girls.

Friends for Life  

Notorious D and most of the cast of Mob Wives have know each other for years.

Street fighting was apart of “D” life and on Mob Wives nearly everyone fought with another cast member at one point on the show.  It was how they resolved disputes . On the show, the toughest ladies  were  Love  Majewski and Notorious D . Love was arguably the toughest, she was also the scariest.  She could flip for no reason and take no prisoners (she reportedly stabbed her boyfriends-one in front of his mother).   Notorious D , stands 5.7 and weighs less than 120 pounds and leads with a left hook. When it comes to fights, Notorious D has no equals, (0n any reality show)she may show up with her hands taped and she only pulls hair when her hair is pulled .

What Notorious D(in the purple shirt) in this clip.   She wasn’t involved in this Season 5 classic table turner last season but watch her reactions.

When people have a fight, you let them fight ,until somebody’s jacked up until they cant fight, that’s when ends.

In its final season, we are learning more about the relationships than before.  Notorious D grew up in the projects. She like a lot of women entered the life through her boyfriends.

“When you come from a place where you’ve never even been to a restaurant and then someone comes and takes you to lunch and the bill is $450, just lunch, and then says, ‘Do you want to go shopping? Here’s $5,000.’ I’m gonna go work for $10 an hour? My wheels were turning.”

Drita is the only cast member who is not Italian ,she is  Albanian.  Her husband, Lee D’Avanzo,  is a reputed member of Bonanno Crime Family and Colombo Crime Family. In 2001 Lee received an 8 year sentence for various robberies and drug dealing cases.  His last stent  in prison was in 2011  on a bank-robbery case and  he was released in 2013. The couple has two girls

Notorious D and cast member Karen Gravano are the best of frenemies. The two have duked it out all over Staten Island and the other boroughs.  The root of their conflicts could be jealousy.  Karen dated Lee (Drita’s hubby) for 7 years .

This interview was filmed in 2011. That year Drita learned her husband cheated on her and was contemplating divorce while he was in prison.

With all the Wives in their forties and fifties with teenage children. They are reevaluating their behaviors.  Notorious D  may face a different lesson,  the effect of a beat down on her wallet.



Big Ang Has Stage Four Cancer .

The heart of Mob Wives, Angela(Big Ang) Raiola has stage four cancer.  Last week, her sister Janine Detore said the the Chemotherapy was not working and her tumors had spread to her brain and lungs. 

She opened a Go Fund Me page to help defray the cost of Ang’s alternative treatment, which involves the use of cannabis oil. Originally, Ang and her family were hoping for an accrued contribution of $25,000; as of this  this week, fans have donated over $44,000 to help Big Ang.

In her style, Big Ang has been on Twitter to thank well wishers.


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