Springer? Maury? Housewives? Mob Wives? No the best Reality Show this week: GOP Debates in South Carolina

GOP presidential candidates debate

Photo: LA Times

Last night was sick!

Liar! Liar! Yo Mama! Yo Brother! He cant say that about me! Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!  I”m a Gentlemen Dammit?  Yes I Cuss-I will not do it again.  Last night’s, GOP Debate in South Carolina was more like a reunion reality show. Missing was Chris Christie.  If he was there a podium may have been kicked over.

Last night debate in South Carolina  was the single best reality show for the week.!



and Marco

vs Donald

 Jeb (with a B) Bush.  He was upright, he was sharp and we saw a more confident Jeb Bush.He went all out on the Donald.

“You want to talk about weakness? It’s weak to disparage women. It’s weak to disparage Hispanics. It’s weak to denigrate the disabled. And it’s really weak to call John McCain a loser because he was a POW. That’s outrageous. He’s an American hero.” -Jeb Bush to Donald Trump.

You Talked About My Mama!

Donald has be jabbing at for weeks and Jeb hasn’t been able to get a clear punch . In the last few days leading up to the debate the Don has been taking swipes at Jeb’s brotha and his mother.       Last night it  was revenge of the nerd.  Last night the punches hit the target dead on, and Donald couldn’t returned them. As the Don was recovering from the blows Marco who used the opportunity to take a small swipe Donald.

                   Ted vs Marco                   

Ted Cruz”Marco Rubio has gone on Univision and said in Spanish, ‘No, no, no, I wouldn’t rescind amnesty.'”
Marco Rubio: “I don’t know how he knows what I said on Univision. He doesn’t speak Spanish.”
That was almost a slam dunk Marco, until Ted Cruz started speaking Spanish.

Donald vs Ted

Trump went Hampton gangster and went after Cruz and Jeb.  Calling Cruz a Liar, he Lies more than Jeb  At one point Master T said  Stop lying man

Trump went on to accuse Cruz of running robo-calls in South Carolina informing voters that Trump was not running in this state. “This is the same thing he did to Ben Carson.

Cruz said Trump called Carson “pathological” and compared the retired neurosurgeon to a child molester.

donald trump marco rubio

The Gentleman from Ohio

John Kasich, stayed out of the ruckus. He said the Republican could lose the election to Hillary Clinton if they continued to fight.

Wake him up and Send him Home!

Dr Ben Carlson had a plan. Perhaps a good plan, but for the most part he left the audience silent.

CBS or Bravo?

The CBS sponsored debate began as the one of the best.  They could have maintained control of the debates, by allowing the inmates to take over the Asylum may have been a good move for CBS as this debate is currently dominating social media.


Who Won?

Forget the boos he received last night, if  your a fan of Donald Trumps tell it likes he sees it , your staying put.  However, Jeb got in a few significant punches.  Marco Rubio’s performance was better than New Hampshire but still a bit robotic. His encounter with Ted Cruz was unfortunate they spent valuable minutes arguing about a failing bill.Trump slammed him and beat him about the face and his only opportunity for any win was stolen by Jeb. Cruz’s creditably was attacked by Jeb, Trump and Rubio. Kasich was a gentleman and Ben Carlson continues to fade.

1. Donald Trump

2. Jeb Bush

3. John Kasich

4.Marco Rubio

5. Ted Cruz

6.Ben Carlson