RHOA: s8ep14 ‘Peaches of the Caribbean’

Bravo was teasing us (Bastards-made us wait an extra week for this tripe)this was the night we expected Kim Fields to go fifty one fifty, or Regine on Kenya Moore.     We all knows she has it coming.  But Noooooo Bravo said next week.

(Queuing Sad Violin’s )

Last night takes off where the last one ended (boo, hoo, hoo).  Kenya is hurt (boo hoo) because she feels now that Nene back she’s been dumped by Cynthia (boo hoo). So Kenya shifts it into full brat mode.

One the bus to Kingston, Cynthia tearfully shares her side of their sad sad tale with the rest of the vacationers ( with the exception of boo boo Kenya and Matt)  she said that someone (Sheree) told her that I completely denied our friendship .Sheree told it like she heard it ! no filler.   Cynthia told the group a watered down version of the (boo hoo) tale

Sheree (who is rapidly becoming one of my favorites) was brought back and has to earn her peach and her primary purpose this season is the messenger. Its a nasty job, but someone has to clean up the vomit on aisle nine.  “Sheree honey”

Cynthia, gets support from her BFF Nene and said” we can all be friends’ Nene even volunteers to talk Kenya to get her to come to the commercial shoot.

Meanwhile in a soapy tub we have Kenya (da brat)  and her boy toy Matt talk about her friendship to Cynthia . Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you?  How many of you would be talking about a friendship with your hot boy or hot girl  in a soapy warm tub with a good morsel in front of you? 

The Good Peter

The bus goes to Kingston where they have a barbecue with Peter’s family. We see him in a tender moment with his Aunt who he hadn’t seen in twenty year.  We see a soft side of Peter..

The Bad Peter

Peter, Gregg and Matt meet up at the bar.   Peter goes in asking Matt a billion questions.  What do you do?  How old are you? in machine gun fashion. Matt doesn’t know these men and is a little tense.  When they learn Matt’s only 28  Peters goes all in ( Peter has a 28 year old son) . Peter said he is vetting Matt.  Apparently  the men are a little bent out of shape with the youngin dating Kenya.  Never mind that both of them are older than there wives.  Gregg seemed shocked when Matt didn’t have kids.  At one point a frustrated Matt wanted Peter to step outside.  (It wasn’t for a bible meeting)

Matt shares his experience with the Old Ancient Men with Kenya and thinks he may have overacted.

A lil Phaedra, a dash of Nene and a pound of Kenya!

When Chris, Kim Fields husband is bought up in conversation, NeNe thinks he has a lot more fire in him than his wife and Phaedra thinks he’s “high strung and a little sassy” 

Kenya Takes it there:I know y’all have heard the rumors.” What rumors, Kenya? “They call him Chrissy!” Who calls him Chrissy, Kenya? “The Industry.” And how would you possibly know that, Kenya? “I have been in Hollywood for 20 years! I worked on Living Single with her — he is called Chrissy.”

Of course this is pure fiction.  Outside of the one dollar direct to DVD bins, Kenya doesn’t have a career in films.   She is simply in intimidated by  Kim Field’s presence and hates her.  Their resumes aren’t even close.   In the world of TV and Film there is no competition and this fucks Kenya up!

Cynthia and Sheree stay out of the Frey. Sheree is especially pissed that they are doing it being Kim’s back.   In the confessional Porsha says she isn’t getting a gay vibe.

Oh you have to have Friends

Its the day of the Cynthia’s eyewear shoot. Kim Fields is a consummate professional and is in her element.   She is funny, spontaneous, and everyone who wanted to be in the shoot was welcome including Peters family, Bob (steal the show) Whitfield ,Kenya and Matt.

.Nene is playing stylist volunteering her jewelry with Sheree as her assistant.  Everyone is working together and having a good time.  Meanwhile Cynthia’s  friend  (da Brat) Moore who said she would be there to support her friend Cynthia is having a moment when she doesn’t see her name of Kim’s list   So she  and  Matt take a paddleboat and paddles into the ocean.  This isn’t lost on anyone at the shoot.

It’s a Wrap!

Commercial done, Peter is throwing a wrap party for Kim. Chris had to return to Atlanta. Peter and Matt chill at the pool table, its a good time everyone is in a good mood.

(Que Scary Music)

Some of the ladies tell Kim how funny,funny,funny that think Chris is.  Sheree isn’t happy, she say’s “I am allergic to fake shit.”

The gurl cant take it no mo!!!!!   She interrupts and turns to Kim to tell her that everyone was also talking about Chris the night before, but “some of the things said last night about your husband were about him being…fruity. Or gay.”

Well Hello EVERYBODY!!!!!

I friggin loved it!!!   Sheree for Senate!!!



Will Kim become unhinged and come after Kenya?  What about her relationship with the other ladies?


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