Kenye West is a God! (At least in his mind)

He’s 53 million in debt.  A GOD!  An internet phenom, married to Kardashian and a man who clearly has a problem with Taylor Swift.

In an audio clip exclusively obtained by Page Six, Kanye can be heard repeatedly yelling at “SNL” production staff, “Don’t f–k with me,” before branding Swift — who he claims on his new album he made famous — a “fake ass”

This recording was made last Saturday.  Before his performance on Saturday Night Live.  To be fair they made a last minute change to the set which is unnerving to any artist.

He said his rant was taken out of context. Much like the other rants (SMH)

During his rant he said  he was“50 percent more influential” than legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso, Paul the Apostle — who was handpicked by Christ to deliver the gospel — and even the notorious drug runner Pablo Escobar.

He who lives by the Net…….

Kanye has an ego (right) see the best of his rants, he’s a god.

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