RHOA: S8 EP15 “The Kenya Apologies-Maybe Its Love! Maybe It’s Maybelline!

Last nights episode was fun!

Dare I say it?  Nene has been a delight (so far) she hasn’t been mean and nasty.  She’s funny  and those facial expressions.

She brokered a peace deal between Kenya and Kim. (we will get to that later).  Sheree and ex husband Bob has added comic relief.

Fruity or Gay?

The episode began  where the last episode left off.  Is Kim Fields husband a fruity Pebble? Sheree who said she couldn’t stand the fakery (even though she played a small part in the controversy the night before) told Kim what was up, in front of the group . There were silent gasps. (Sheree will get her peach back as Bravo’s official messenger)

While most of the women felt guilty participating in the conversation,  Kenya didn’t give a shit and went all in.  Telling Kim that people in The Industry calls her husband Chrissy . BUT!! “I don’t think we care if your husband is gay or whether you guys are having tax problems.”  Yikes, who mentioned “Tax Problems?’  Stir that cauldron Kenya!

The Jesus driven Ms Fields excused herself from the group so she could give herself a thorough christian cleanse.  The devout one now uses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     worldly language (is fuck worldly or common?) and her middle finger now plays an important roll in the confessional.

Her hubby Chris calms her before she starts speaking in tongues.  He is clearly unaffected by the rumors and added, if he Googled some of the housewives/husbands he would see a lot of them in police photos.

Remembering Kandi and Todd

Remember the Tuckers?  The very pregnant Mr’s Tucker couldn’t make the trip to Jamaica.  Todd has an idea of opening a restaurant called the “Old Lady Gang”    Mommy in Law Joyce is supportive as is the middle sister Nora, but Bertha gave the idea her standard  “Hell No”

Take 2

Todd and Kandi finds a potential chef Javion for the restaurant and brings the Old Lady Gang” to taste test the food.  You got to love Bertha. She is the real deal.  He brings out the devil eggs, Joyce, Nora and everyone is loving them , Bertha isn’t feeling it.  Chicken and Waffles?  The Chicken isn’t just right for Bertha. not crisp enough.  He offers her Salmon, shes not interested in  any fish or any kind. Take it away!  No Fish!

Javion is sinking fast, he’s dealing with Atlanta’s version of Chef Gordon Ramsey.  He brings out the ribs…..no one says anything at this point, waiting for chef Bertha’s approval.   She announces they are off the chain (to those who live in the suburbs this means fantastic)

Todd bypasses Joyce and Nora and asks Bertha if she is on board with the restaurant idea? after a dramatic pause ,he gets a yes..   Todd acts as its done deal, but  landing the perfect chef may be an issue, as Bertha is quick to say Hell No!


Read School Is in Session

Phaedra the Queen of Shade and Nene the Queen of Read takes Kim Fields under their collective wings.  The only person is missing is Sheree  who can throw shade and read at the same time and like Nene she go street in 20 seconds.

They are preparing Kim for Kenya and the results are hilarious.  Kim feels she is above this but the two women feels she needs it to survive.   Phaedra and Nene roll play, with Phaedra being Kenya and Nene being Kim.  Phaedra being the resident Southern Belle, never uses a word would cause her to be thrown out of church and yet she can skillfully Ginsu any opponent before they’ve realized they have lost a limb.  Nene will get her ass thrown out of church every single time.   Her coolness has about a five minute limit, from there its on.

In the role playing,  it was all lady like until Phaedra(Kenya) called Nene’s (Kim) man gay. Where Nene came back “Ah wait a minute Bitch!”

One gets the impression Kim was thanks, but no thanks.  Her schooling may be invaluable should she choose to stay on this show.


Peter Thomas’s Jamaica 

Bravo’s field trip was a success. Kenya into herself, licking her wounds of rejection, continued to separate herself for the group.  At the water park, she was needlessly competitive.  She and Matt missed most of the entertainment during the evening.

Peter and Cynthia were on the mend.  Sheree cautiously  enjoyed the company of her ex. Bob Whitfield. Phaedra through herself in the revelry joining in with the dancers. Oliver and Porsha bonded.  Nene and Greg were Nene and Greg.  Matt and Kenya bonded and Kenya glowed. Peter said, Matt told him he loved Kenya.  Peter said, Kenya was misunderstood, and was a very nice person. (Computer say’s whatttt!)


The Sit Down (Kenya and Kim)

At dinner, Nene brings up a conversation she had with Phaedra and Kim. Kim still uncomfortable with confrontations wants to pass.  But Nene want them to move forward.

Kim’s opening line was a bit confusing, it starts off as if she is going to accept an award. But she starts off saying they either need to be civil or not talk at all and she say’s it’s disrespectful for Kenya to be talking about her family.

Kenya goes on the defensive,  “Well I’m glad you can speak for yourself”  Nene and Cynthia called her and reminded her how Kim was respectful.   Kenya came clean  and apologized (mark this date on you calendar ) and realized she was caught up in her feelings.  Kim and Kenya agree to move on respect each other.

The Kenya Apologies

On the next day. Cynthia impressed with Nene wants her to facilitate the conversation between she and Kenya.   Nene declines.

Cynthia is a nice woman, but a weenie, she avoids confrontations at all cost and in this group of women, she brings the wish into wash,the flip into flop.

Kenya’s only friend in this group has been Cynthia. Cynthia had her back.  Kenya’s error was her sense on entitlement and Kenya thought Cynthia was being disloyal for choosing Kenya and went into super brat mode.  Directing her anger and sites on Kim.  But Kim showed up at the meeting, Kenya didn’t and felt entitled due to their friendship. In the real world you don’t get a  second chance.

She struck back at Cynthia due to Cynthia’s flip flop on their relationship.

Nene’s return just added another log on the fire with the brat feeling she was being replaced.  Kenya admitted being caught up in her feelings and apologized .

Kenya apologizing?  Perhaps Matt’s bringing out her softer side or maybe its Maybelline!



Phaedra is not buying the Kenya Apology, your thoughts?

What did you think of the trip?


Last Week Peaches of the Caribbean 



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      1. I love that Nene returned! She makes the show what it is in my opinion. She’s much more calm and nicer as well! I hope to see Kim in season 9 as she seems to be the only housewife that acts somewhat in a more grounded way and I think that she is the most relatable. I do want to see Nene as a full time housewife though!


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