Look! I was running late!

Photo: Students from Minneapolis senior high school unboard a Metro Transit bus

D.B. will always remember February 15,2016.  It was the day when she returned from her break at the Holiday Gas Station in St Paul Minnesota. The big yellow and white Metro Transit Bus she was gone.

She remembers activating the bus hydraulic brakes. But the bus was gone.

Metro Transit buses have GPS and Metro Transit Officers spotted the bus on I-494 near Bloomington Minnesota heading toward the Metro Transit South Garage Maintenance  facilities off 24th Street.  When the officers activated its lights the driver pulled over.

The driver was 31 year old Gregory Jennrich an Metro Transit Mechanic .

He Had A Bad Day!

He locked his keys in his car and he  told authorities he took the bus because he was running late to work.

The Metro Transit employee (since last April) was charge with auto theft.  After his ten minute in the bus. He faces up to five year in jail and at last report is being held in jail in lieu of a bond.