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Disgraceful, Not Your Father’s Presidential Campain

Former Florida Congressmen and Host of MSNBC’s  Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough tweeted last night ” This is a disgrace” referring to last nights GOP Debate  in Houston.

Yes it was, and it was inevitable.  If the GOP is concerned about Donald Trump and his affect on the party someone had get ugly.  Someone had to get into the mud.  Many voters find his  “tell it like it is attitude”  refreshing.

Voters are angry and the well behaved tightly scripted polished politician is so 2012.

One moment your in and the next your out.    In, is the raw and unpolished politician .

Entering from stage right is Billionaire Business Man, Reality Show Star Donald Trump and from stage left, we have Bernie Sanders .the man in the wrinkled suit from Sears.   No presidential ties, no perfectly pressed shits and like Trump. His supporters are angry citizens not happy with the status quo.

The difference between the two candidates; one is polarizing and could damage the brand and other could shake up politics and money within the party.

Donald Trump’s presence in the GOP has damaged a brand that is already damaged. The world is watching in disbelief. The GOP response to Donald Trump had failed. Nearly two hundred million dollars has been spent to dismantle the Trump Express has failed. The Express  is nearing breakneck speed.


Melania,get the hose, its time to get muddy!

Trump happily ,plays in the mud. It wasn’t intentional, but he soon learned there were advantages in the mud.  The mud was his exclusively. No traditional politician would join him. There are advantages being the only person in the mud. There is an ample supply of dirt and you can through it at will. Because you are the only person in the mud, there is no retaliation.  To make matters worse for the traditional politician, the potential voters loved the mud.  Jeb Bush would occasionally put his left shoe in but he would remove it before it reached his ankles. This did nothing to slow the Trump Express.

In South Carolina, Jeb finally went all in the mud with Trump.  For the first time, members of his party and the media gave him good marks but it was too late.  The State that has embraced his father and brother didn’t have confidence in him.

After South Carolina, someone was paying attention.  Some one watched the old tapes and someone and decided he had to step into the mud with Donald Trump.


Ladies and Gentleman- The Kid.

The first punch was thrown by Ted Cruz  but it was Marco Rubio’s relentless pummeling of Trump that took the night.  There was no TKO. Trump wobbled and remained on his feet. .  Cruz with one foot firmly planted in the Mud and Rubio in the mud with Trump, forced Trump into a corner. A corner he couldn’t get out of.    When it came to the important questions , Trump leaned heavily on John Kasich, he simply agreed with Kasich.

Rubio owned the Audience and was enjoying the night!


Rowdy in Texas

Unexpected and Funnest Line of the Night!

After complaining about his lack of time to speak at the Republican debate on Thursday night, presidential candidate Ben Carson asked if someone could attack him so he’d get an opportunity to respond.


Ten Weeks too late?

Last night Cruz and Rubio located cracks in Trumps foundation.   Cracks that had been their all along.  The GOP has missed many many opportunities to exploit these cracks. But to do so meant stepping in the mud.

They hoped as the number Candidates dropped, Trump’s weaknesses would hurt him. This has backfired on the party.



The United States is rapidly becoming a rich mosaic. In 1950, 81% of the population was white. In 2014, 62% of the population was white.  In many states like minorities represent the voting majority.  In 2012, 89% of the GOP was white. While 60% of Democrats was White. 

Trumps comments about Mexicans and Muslims has weakened the brand, a brand that needs minorities to remain relevant in the next 40 years.

In less than nine months. The GOP has a major challenge ahead.  Forfeit the game or further damage the brand.

___________________________________________A Muddy Afternoon

Last nights performance will help Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  While they didn’t take Trump down, they  damage him.   His supporters will blame the CNN moderators.

Despite his thumping  Donald is resilient.  Cruz and Marco shouldn’t shower.  They will need to relentlessly chip away at Trump. Hiring an Army of Tweeters and others in Social Media Forcing Trump to reach for his check book . Being  available for local and national news.  Inviting  voters to challenge his conservatism .To encourage voters  to check into websites (as Rubio did last night) to look into Trumps background.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz cracked Trumps foundation.  They may have slowed his growth but those who are committed to Trump will continue to vote for Trump.

If Rubio  stays in the mud with Donald Trump  he and the mega donors could damage Trump. In doing so, Rubio will damage his own brand. It’s possible in spite of his well received performance, he could suffer the same fate as Chris Christy.    Should Trump supporters defect, they will vote for Carson and Kasich.

At 44, Rubio could become a power broker within the GOP. If he is willing to take a bullet for the team. In the long run, he can say he did so to preserve the parties integrity.   In 4 to 8 years there is still time for fiftyish  President Rubio.

Trump has more liabilities  then the Republican candidates.

However, to effectively take him on, one has to take him on his turf.   Rubio may be the only choice.  Which leaves Cruz and Kasich.

Of the five remaining candidates Kasich is the best man standing and if this was a typical political year he would be the safe choice. But this is anything but a typical year. The Gentleman from Ohio is likely to fade into history next week.

Ted Cruz wants to be president!  and he is the wild card.  Cruz is very smart and early on was drafting Trump.  This may be the source of Trumps anger towards Cruz. He was played. Cruz will get dirty but wont bite the bullet. Cruz IS unpopular in the GOP, there are some who prefer Trump over Cruz.  The issue for Cruz is money . Pac’s are not lining up behind him.

The largest recipient from  a Trump backlash is Ben Carlson.  Trump genuinely likes Ben Carson and Carson will not sling mud on Trump.

Sometime is takes a Millionaire

Trumps Tax Return is the Smoking Gun in this years Race. Mitt Romney has been in politics for nearly three decades. His net worth is more than all the GOP candidates combined with the exception of one.   A Millionaire Politician who understands the complexity of a Tax Form and the liabilities of a tax form.   Trump willstall and will make excuses for not releasing them to the public.    He said he is currently being audited by the IRS.  So 2015 isn’t available, how bout 2014, 2013, 2012?    Inside those complex tax documents, the public will learned who he donated money to.

An OM-Gee Moment!

A Post Debate Response

Trump, who cited an ongoing audit as the reason why he won’t make his tax returns public, said he is being targeted by the IRS “maybe because of the fact that I’m a strong Christian.”

Wonder if he learned about the IRS Christian Persecution’s in Corinthians 2

_________________________________________________________________A Note to those under 20.   I have been in an followed politics all my life and I have never seen anything quite like this. I wonder if anyone has?


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