There was a time in my life when it was all about the Mall. I enjoyed the energy, the Mr’s Fields Cookies, and it was a good place to meet people and to people watch.   If I were on vacation, I took out the Yellow Pages and researched the malls in the area, often settling on the largest mall in the area.

As I time went by the Malls were less appealing.  The thousands of windows shoppers moving at  glacier pace often stopping without warning to glance at something in the window, was becoming too much for this cowboy.   If I had to go to the mall, I would park as closes I could to the store I was going into, it wasn’t about browsing, it was about the in and out.

Online shopping was designed for me. I can shop in the comfort of my fruit of the looms. checking sales , return policies and have them dropped shipped to the office.

However there are some things you need to actually go into the store.

Last weekend, JC Penney’s had incredible deals on some items I needed.  Sheets and Towels, the ones I currently have are very religious and I was told that I needed to actually touch the towels.

I estimated it would take me 20 minutes to get in and out.   I arrived at ten after twelve ( the sale was due to end at 1pm.)    At he  mall, I parked on the upper level near the escalators and preceded to the third floor.     I have shopped at that JC Penneys for more than twenty years and rarely go beyond the first floor.

A Whole New World

OOOOO MMMM  GEEE  there was none of the chaos that is on the first floor.  The ladies (older) are very warm and accommodating (unlike the the kids who give you the I don’t know- followed by the discreet rolling of the eyes)  and happily directed me to where the sheets and towels were.   The pay stations had stools.   Mama!

There they were  (JC Penney’s have never let me down unlike Target-who runs out of the sale items ten minutes after the store opens )  the towels on sale, marked down from $16.00 to $4.99 with a very large variety of colors.

But there were other towels on sale, a super soft towel marked down to $6.99 fro $12.oo . As as I looked around there the selection was vast I was overwhelmed.    So  I thought I would look at sheets and comeback it should be easier.

Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Broadcloth,  than there are the tread count? Fuck!  and they weren’t cheap even on sale.  I think I paid twenty dollars for my last set at  Big Lots and on saturday they were starting at 25.00 a set.

With 30 minutes left, I went back to the towels and simply grabbed four sets of the purple towels.   Then I walked back to the sheet department and couldn’t find the cheap sheets anymore.

I put my towels down so I could focus on the sheets  and then couldn’t remember where I left the towels.

My head was hot and my stomach was queasy.  This is not my world!  Time to ask for help.

Next thing I knew the shoppers swarmed in to help me ( perhaps it was look in my eyes)

One lady found my towels and as she was explaining the difference in quality another women, a complete stranger, strokes my neck with the softest towel I have ever experienced.  Yes, I thought, I want those, until I realized they were $30 oo a piece.

The sales person explained thread count was often important in terms of softness and durability.  Of course the top of the line sheets was well over $100 a set.

I’m going with the ugly and cheap striped ones and the purple towels.

True to form as I paid for it in the nick of time!  A young lady with thick black glasses was removing the sales prices. The Doorbuster for this saturday is over.

The ladies told me to wash and soften the towels and sheets before putting them away.

Last night I put new set of sheets on my bed and towels up in the bathroom.

The sheets are a bit scratchy and the towel were just okay.

At the next Doorbuster, I’m going deluxe!








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