Family Court Drama: Madonna accuses Guy Ritchie of Kidnapping





You don’t know what’s going on? or Really don’t care. Were gonna catch you up anyway!

Madonna has physical  custody of her 15 year old son Rocco she shares with Guy Ritchie.

Rocco was pissed at mama “M” (the disciplinarian) so he takes a credit card and does what every 15 year old would do he flew to London to be with his dad.  Mama “M’ is beyond pissed.  So its  off to court we go!



A London judge said Thursday he hopes Madonna and her ex-hubby Guy Ritchie will come to an “amicable resolution” of their cross-country custody battle.

Ritchie appeared in a London court for a preliminary hearing after Madonna filed kidnapping charges against him last year after their 15-year-old son Rocco decided to live with him following a European trip with his mom.

The 47-year-old, dressed in a gray tweed jacket and heathered top hat, nervously played with a pen while sitting in the front row at the 90-minute hearing.

“It is highly unfortunate and deeply regrettable as Judge Kaplan said that this family dispute is being dealt with in front of her and in front of me, through the agencies of highly capable lawyers,” Justice Alistair MacDonald of the Family Division of the High Court said, according to the Telegraph.

“It is hoped further discussions between the parties can reach an amicable settlement,” he added.

Back across the pond in New York, Justice Deborah Kaplan said Wednesday that she also hoped they would come to a “global resolution that would … take this tremendous pressure off their son.”

Rocco lived with the “Material Girl” singer after she and Ritchie divorced in 2009.

But while overseas with his mom during her “Rebel Heart” world tour last December, the teen decided he wanted to stay with his dad. He is now enrolled in a high school there and was spotted with a big grin on his face in January riding bikes with his dad.

A trial date is set for June 1 in Manhattan if Madonna and Ritchie can’t come to an agreement before then.