Swedes moved to tears by this adorable prank on old man

Swedes moved to tears by this adorable prank on old man

This video of a group of Swedish children putting a smile on a pensioner’s face shows how easy it is to spread joy.

By:Emma Lofgren/The Local

Filmed at a Stockholm train station, the clip shows an elderly man alone on the platform, waiting for his train, when a group of children run up to him.

“What’s your name?” asks a young boy. He replies ‘Erling’. That’s when the magic begins.

The kids begin to adorably belt out the lyrics to a well-known Swedish song, a traditional tune usually sung in nursery schools to teach children the names of their classmates.

“Erling is here and Edith is here. It’s so fun that Philip is here. In our happy gang, Nova is here today. Oh, it’s fun, so fun,” they sing as the stunned pensioner looks on.

At the end they hug him and run off, leaving the man with a huge smile on his face.

Olle Öberg, one of the members of video pranksters Sthlm Panda behind the viral clip, told The Local on Friday that they had filmed the video together with Stockholm-based children’s choir ‘PopKids’.

“We wanted to spread joy,” he said.

It appears they succeeded. Not only did the children move the man to tears, by Friday afternoon the clip had been viewed more than 300,000 times online, with many revealing they too got teary-eyed watching it.

When they hugged him I melted. This is too much cuteness,” commented one on YouTube.

“I thank you for making an oldie feel lively again,” wrote another.