RHOA: S8 EP16 Turning over a New Peach

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Recap 3/6/16: Season 8 Episode 16 "Turning Over a New Peach"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is crawling into home.  One more episode before the reunion.

Sex Lessons for the Tuckers Featuring Mama Joyce

You Remember the Tucker’s, Kandi and Todd?  Don’t chu?   Kandi is nearing the end of her pregnancy at the office of Dr Jackie.(Bravo’s OG for Atlanta) Mama (formally Monster in law) Joyce in tow. Mama or Monster has become the doting mother in law, touching, smiling at the son in law she once wanted to DESTROY! KILL! KILL! KILL!   It’s strange I keep waiting for her face to peel off and grabs Todd hand to a fiery molten end. (anyway)

They talk about diamonds and Todd’s inflated height.  He say’s he’s 5.9, and Donald Trump hair looks natural.  Their baby is fine and Dr Jackie say’s they could have sex and in front of Mama Joyce, Dr Jackie suggests Todd can hit it from the side, hit in in the kitchen and hit it from all directions except the Missionary Position.   Mama Joyce’s face is distorted and it sucks to be Todd.

Cynthia: Kim Sorry we called your Hubby Gay  On to my Commercial

Its clear Kim knows what she’s doing. Cynthia Eye wear Commercial looks good, could use a bit more dialogue .  Kim has good thing to say about Kenya’s pilot but says no to working for her.

Chateau Kenya?

Kenya takes Aunt Lori and boyfriend Matt to see the near finished(Kenya’ words) house. The house is far from finished.    Its more of a viewing party as Kenya want Lori to see Matt.   At one point Kenya glows about a fireplace  she and Matt was working on and Lori said, what she saw was sticks.    Lori knows her niece and questions how long before she runs him off.  Later in the episode, Kenya and Matt have dinner, I could go on, but Kenya wild laughter at nearly everything he said, drove me to mute the segment.   He seems to like her.

Nekkid Lingerie

Naked Lingerie is a company Porsha owns   There was a photo shoot with a little drama.  However I must say, while there were young models there  Cynthia Bailey(who is in her forties) owned it.  Porsha struggles continue.  In a conversation with her creative director . She is attempting to say that she is flexible about an idea and she says, “It wasn’t in semen…wait — it sounded like I just said semen.”  Well Porsha its because you said “semen”   Her sister Lauren joins in and they go back and forth  “semen” “semen”:   Johnnie the creative director solves the mystery and realizes Porsha was trying to say cement. He tells them they “got the brains of a paper cup” SHM!

The field trip to Fort Dix

Phaedra has signed the papers, the divorce is on.  Her soon to be ex Apollo has little recourse she plans to take the papers into prison for Apollo to sign.   Its been a year since he’s gone to the big house and he hasn’t seen his wife and his sons.    She is concerned about her young sons, and how they would be affected by the prison environment and how they will react after seeing their father.

Her sons are a testament to her parental dedication to her children.. Her sons  Ayden and Dylan are under six and are fully conversational  and well behaved.  There are many restrictions and Phaedra chose not to tell them they were seeing their father until it was clear they were allowed inside.

The Bravo camera were not allowed to film inside the prison.

We learned the boys were a bit frigidity in prison without their toys and the controlled visit was long.  They appeared unscathed. In prison, Apollo is sporting a Mohawk haircut.  Dylan’s response was “He did not quite like it.   We also learned that Apollo refused to sign the divorce papers.





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