RHOA: S8 EP17 (Finale) Ho! Ho! Ho’s!!

Last night and final episode in a shorten season was okay. For me the night belonged to Ms Phaedra Parks , giving us Bette Davis (Is she a Evil women capable of dropping a dime on her friends? or is she a simple Christian Attorney rasing two boys on her own? ) Most of the action was centered around Phaedra( Bette’s ) Christmas Party (sponsored by Bravo-because we all know, there is no way in hell would Phaedra invite Kenya Moore to any party!) 

Kandi and Todd

The episode begins with Kandi and Todd visiting his mothers (Sharon’s) grave. Todd  was an only child . The two were very close, talking to each other daily. Kandi said, that she didn’t think Todd would make it, not only because he lost his mother but the other stress caused my Kandi’s mother.  Their son will

Damm Porsha

Kandi’s pregnancy and her sister Lauryn pregnancy has rekindled her desire to have children.  Porsha has had an issue with fibroids resulting in a miscarriage during her marriage.  With sis in tow, she meets with her OB. Before meeting with the good doctor she casually shares her plan with with Lauryn. She tells her sister if she cant have a child, her sister will carry her child for her!

Shade Alert

Porsha drops by Phaedra’s.  It seems Porsha was troubled.  (TROUBLED) there was a report online about the Feds going to Kandi’s and Todd’s home to seize Apollo’ motorcycles and other assets and she wonders how they knew to go to Kandi’s house, the Feds also visited  Peter and Cynthia’s. When Porsha asked (in a shady way) if she told the Feds?  Phaedra Davis was cool. No!

No Happy Endings

Cynthia surprises Peter with a massage. She is dressed up in a masseuse uniform.  The scene is set, massage table,candles,oils,towels with the promise of a happy ending. Peter is naked under the sheets, Cynthia  has climbed on top of him when they hear the door. Its her daughter Noelle and her dad.  They’re home early. SURPRISE!


The MAIN event

(Shade will the thrown)

With Phaedra filing for divorce ,she wants to open a new chapter in her life. It’s time for an over the top holiday party. She enlists the help of Mr Over The Top Dwight..

There are drunken elf’s. Snow Women in Short, Short Short Shorts. A Kenya like Grinch, Brother and Sister Leaks who just came from Church. An a Pimp Santa Clause.  If they had just let the camera roll during the party, the show would have been much more entertaining as there were people drunk off their asses.  Thor (Tammy) would have passed out again. DAMM!!!!!!

Everyone was invited. Tammy (Thor) brings one more scary looking child out in public.   Bob (someone bring me a comb for this scene) Whitfield has been a delight this season and seems to want to get back with Sheree.

Tammy and Bob are friends, however there is a thorn in Sheree’s  side. At one point Bob might have said that he and Tammy slept together.   SOOOOOOO  with all parties together Sheree asked Tammy did you tell Bob what went down in Miami?  She said you never slept together  Bob clearly embarrassed started fumbling. which Sheree said  “Slut got your tongue?”   Bob said no.  The two looks like they are trying to reconcile however, Sheree is dragging one foot.

Porsha and her friend came in wearing tight short shorts (Ho’s from Christmas Present)

Phaedra and Chris(Kim’s Hubby) entertains the crowd with a choreographed dance.

Nene and Gregg enters.    Nene went to sit down next to Kandi.  They have never been and will never be close.  Kandi very uncomfortable with five weeks left is not feeling Nene.   However, when she wants to be, Nene (yes I said it) can be charming.   She acknowledged there differences and made light of it. (oil and water)

The men are together and Peter asked Todd did Phaedra ever pay him. Todd said she sent half and he is over it, he has a child coming.

Kenya enters as the Grinch (very fitting)  with green make up and green hair.  She meets with the ladies and immediate stirs up shit about the Feds and the raid on Kandi’s house. She more than suggest that Phaedra did it and Cynthia adds the Feds came to her house too. Phaedra (Bette Davis) hears part of the conversation and briefly pauses and is unfazed.

Its the season finale. We learn Cynthia’s Eye Wear is doing fine.


Porsha is going to be on next seasons Apprentice

Kim Fields is going to be on Dancing with the Stars

What did you think of the commercial ?

Did Phaedra Drop a Dime?

Next week the REUNION!!!!








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