CityFella Travels: Interstate 10 Pensacola to New Orleans

Map from New Orleans, LA to Pensacola, FL

Last fall I visited the Gulf Coast from Western Florida to New Orleans its a four hour drive through four states.   There were many surprises along the way.

The Gulf coast was beautiful with white sandy beaches. In the next few days I will share my impressions

My first takeaway was speed.  Interstate 10 was like being on a Nascar track.  Fast  tailgating is mandatory.  Not just cars but trucks.  One granny in a white Focus was on my ass at 80 miles an hour. 80 was slow, moving to the right was nearly impossible on this four lane interstate.

 In Northern California (and in many large cities)the radio stations are owned by large media corporations limiting what we hear. Its music on tape.  It was refreshing to hear live real Disk Jockeys talking about their favorites and listing to them talk about local artists. While top 40 stations owned by the conglomerates like “Iheartradio”  are alive and well in the south, where you can hear Taylor Swift every hour. You’ll also find a few independents.

In Sacramento, were aren’t likely to hear artists like the Louisiana Blues Brothas  or original Country and raw Blue Grass .      I loved the blues Brotha’s “My Sidepiece”   The song opens with: Hey Jackie,put mommy on the phone. Hey Barbara its Ritchie.  Hey Lookit ,I ain’t never coming home no more,take it easy.   Stone cold heartless!  Ritchie has fallen in love and he AIN’T never evah going home. Keep his clothes. keep his tools, its all about his sidepiece!!!!         LOL

If your traveling by car, turn off Pandora or Satellite radio you just may run across some musical gems along way.