Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 1 “A B**** is Born!”

No one knows if Kim Fields will return as a Housewife next season. BUT the bigger question will Kenya Moore Return?

The season was shortened,so I thought there would be one reunion, no such luck, there are three.

What began as a yawn fest, turned into a straight out war between Kenya Moore and Kim Fields.   With Sheree Whitfield playing a minor role as back up.  However the real news is Producer/Moderator Andy Cohen.

The trigger may have been ,Kenya texting her boyfriend as they were filming. (Something about he didn’t know where the dog food was? ) Andy was pissed!

What Andy does well is getting people to talk. He is a shit stirrer, and the results are often provocative and very funny.  The ladies respect him because he is the boss.  He also respects the ladies and prevents them from crossing the line.

I’ve been a fan on the Housewives Franchise for years and last night Andy uncharacteristically  turned on one of his own, Kenya Moore.  He was shady and in one instance dismissive toward her.

  Quickly Getting through the Mundane

Kandi and Todd has a new baby.  Kenya wont say if she pregnant.  Kandi and Phaedra friendship is still on the ropes, it heals one moment and then they watch each others comments in the confessional, its a never ending story.   The video money  dispute between Todd and Phaedra was a little embarrassing for Phaedra as every body learns she paid Todd two weeks before the reunion.  Phaedra tries to save face,suggesting the video is unusable. (Like she was going to use it in the first place!) Chateau Sheree or Moore Manor? Who the fuck cares, Next.   Cynthia and Porsha? Next!  Kenya and Phaedra? Next.   If I missed anyone else, well NEXT!

The Main Event

“A Bitch is Born”

Starring Kenya Moore and Kim Fields

Before I go on. Bravo Please Return Sheree Whitfield’s Peach. She followed orders and fully completed her missions as messenger.  Last night, she WAS the voice of the audience.  

When the non combative Kim Fields stood up to Kenya Moore. Sheree was heard saying (Where she been all season?)   Nearly all the housewives feel Kim Fields isn’t a fit for the show, some of them are put off by statements she made to her husband and in the confessional. If she has one true friend it seems to be Phaedra Parks.

  Damm those confessionals (she smiles in your face, all the while she wants to take your place,the back stabbers)  Damm! Damm! DAMM!    But Kim doesn’t back away from her comments.  She defends her actions and makes no apologies for loving her husband and children( Ain’t no tears here bitches!!!!!)

From the beginning, Kenya has been jealous of Kim Fields. Kenya has been intimidated by Ms Fields as she is a fully grown ass woman who is above the antics by some of these women.

But the blonde,Empire struck back last night! and it didn’t helped that she had the full support of Andy BOSSMAN Cohen.

What makes matter worse is Kenya new hair must have been too tight. As she lost her Ms USA Ass Mind.

Follow Me!

Andy said, they received plenty of tweets insinuating that Kenya was jealous of Kim.  Then Kenya Moore lost her mind.   Kenya said ,SHE IS THE STAR OF THE SHOW AND she brought Kim into the group, so she(Kim Fields) shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds her!

(You could see the fluttering of eyes from her castmates, like what?)

Kenya: “Listen, I’m not going to take anything away from the fact that she was a child star,” Kenya  mentioned her role on “The Facts of Life” and ignored every thing else.

Remember, Andy Cohen doesn’t get into the discussions, just drives them.

 But he dug into Kenya again saying, “She’s also continued working since then,”   Kenya: yes  in the ‘90s,  Again, Andy wasn’t about to let it go. “You were Miss USA in the ‘90s,

Kim didn’t get into a pissing match with the former Miss USA. She told home girl to check her IMDB page.     Like “Bitch I’m Kim Fields“, aka a friend of”Mrs Butterworth” on “the Facts of Life“, on ” Living Single” both in re-runs, been in other TV shows and  movies, a credited producer and director.

Andy kept on Kenya,at one point he told her she was being hypocritical and then the others ladies joined in with Kandi asking her to rewind. “Can we roll back to what you JUST said a little while ago?  “I’m the star of this show.”   You know that hit a nerve.  Like Bitch What?

Kenya: “I said a star” 

Kandi: “No, you said THE”

To the surprise of Andy and the other ladies Kim Fields was in the mix with Kenya.  She would not be talked over.  Those days are LONG gone!    The other housewives are surprised by this new confident housewife.

(I must have watch this scene forty times)

Again, Kenya IS NOT! going to interrupt or talk over Kim!  Kenya opens her mouth and Ms Kim Fields dared Miss Kenya Moore to ‘SAY SOMETHING!!!”   

You could hear sounds from the crew!

Sheree had me screaming when she said : “Ooh What She Gonna Do!

 People on the sofa sat up!   You know KM peed on herself just a little. (Just a little)  Kenya replied in a smaller voice: Something

Kenya feeling attacked tried the justify her actions by  saying she was bullied, which was met by a chorus or rolling eyes.   Sheree (our voice) was tired of it all.

A Bitch is Born!


Am I the only one who noticed Andy Cohen, change in demeanor toward Kenya!

Is Kenya gone?

Was this a blip for Kim ?

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