The Skyscraper with the House on Top


One of America’s weirdest buildings is New Orleans is the Plaza Tower.  The 45 story 531 foot Skyscraper building opened in 1969.  It is currently the third tallest building in the state and its completely empty.

It is one of two vacant Skyscrapers in the city.

The Plaza Tower was designed by Leonard R Spangenberg Jr and Associates. It was  designed primarily as an office building with some residential space on the upper floors. Upon completion of the tower, very little residential space was made available. By 1984 the remaining residential apartments were made into offices.


The building has been vacant  since 2002 because of environmental problems such as toxic mold.

Through the years there has been many plans to correct and renovate the building.  To correct the problems in the building would require stripping the building to the superstructure costing in the tens of million of dollars.

The location is tempting with view of the New Orleans Skyline on one side and the Mississippi River on the other.  The current office market in New Orleans is soft and while the city is slowing recovering from Katrina, the condo and hospitality market is strong .


The estimated cost to build the Tower in 1969 was 15 million.  In 2007, the building was auctioned off and sold for $583,000. In 2011 the building was auctioned off again and sold for $650,000.  A few years ago lowest (unsuccessful) bid was for less than $250,000.

In 2014, the tower was sold to a local developer. Rumor has it, the building was sold for ten dollars.