More Katt Williams: Fights a 7th grader (Video)

Katt! Katt! KATT!

Mr Anger strikes again and this time he is humiliated by a 7th Grader.   TMZ say’s the comedian was doing some charitable work (actually handing out cash)  in Gainsville Georgia yesterday.     He was playing soccer or basketball with some children yesterday and some rowdy kids

At one point there was some good old fashion smack talk on the court.  An ordinary 42 man would dismissed it and walk away.  But Katt Williams isnt your ordinary 42 year old and sucker punched the 7th grader.  The rest is being played out on social media

One Tweet asks: I look on Twitter to see Katt Williams playing “Are you stronger than a 7th Grader”…What happened to “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?”

In the last 30 days ,Katt was accused of  holding a women who wanted a photo with him at gunpoint on Feb. 28; an alleged fight on March 2; an alleged fight onstage at a concert on March 6; and an arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and false imprisonment as well as drug and weapons charges after a raid on his house in Georgia on March 8

Trouble for Katt Williams on the 1st of March in Georgia

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More to come, we are absolutely sure!