The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 8 Reunion Part #2 Kenya WILL not B Ignored!

Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta

I’m gonna begin  with the BEST line of the evening.

There are many people who read my reviews and are not fans of the show.  Thank you!              Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams(the ladies in the picture above) will Nevah! Nevah! Evah! be friends. If you see them alone together its because Bravo said to play nice. 

The two women were locked in a fight about who causes the most trouble on RHOA. (Kenya does hands down) Its an old tired fight, that should have ended two seasons ago.    Porsha brought up some “one-eyed African” with an eye patch. who is married!   Nasty!  Kenya supposedly dated.

Kenya Responds:

“You need to shut your mouth! Because if it’s not a Dick in it. Then you don’t know what your talking about!

_________________________________________________________________Last week I sensed Andy Cohen was irritated with Kenya Moore. Love her or hate da bitch!  Kenya is a relevant cast member of RHOA. Last night, she inserted herself in nearly every conversation, whether it involved her or not!

Not Bliss City!

What began as a nice misunderstanding turned ugly. It was a party thrown by Kenya for Cynthia.  Cynthia and Porsha ,fueled by drinks started fighting on the boat.   They quickly made up slow fade the end!

And Donald Trump is a natural blonde.

Porsha told Phaedra that she had bruises all over her body.  Cynthia was pissed that Porsha was spreading rumors about her husband Peter cheating on her.  Porsha didn’t deny it and simply said it was all over the web, and all over Atlanta.

When Peter joined the ladies, we learned that he and Cynthia were living apart.   Andy asks Cynthia if she visits Peter in Charlotte. She says “No.” Andy responds “It sounds like you two are separated.”  Andy asks Kenya what she thinks about the state of Peter and Cynthia’s marriage and Porsha says “I think a lot of things I don’t say   He is in Charlotte where his business is and she in Atlanta.  Porsha insisted that everybody knows Peter is cheating. Walk up to any girl who’s 19 years old.” Peter challenged her to name names if she thinks she knows anything.  Porsha didn’t say anything. Cynthia say’s  that she and Peter are “in a good place.”  (The Body Language Doesn’t)

Kenya’s Unlikely Defender

It’s easy to jump on or blame Kenya Moore for a lot of the drama on RHOA.  The reality is, she stirs up the shit!  It could be a church bake sale. Kenya would bring out her cauldron and before you know it , Sister Johnson is calling Sister Robinson a dried up old bitch!  If she’s caught she becomes the victim.

In Miami,a party turned ugly.   It began on a boat with Tammy and her nephew Glen Rice   (Click the link below for more background on Mr Rice) Kenya invited Rice and others to join the party as it moved indoors.

When Andy asked the ladies  who felt threatened by Glen’s behavior at the party; only Kandi and Kenya raise their hands.

Kenya flirted with  Glen who by all accounts was into Sheree.  Alcohol turned Glen Rice into a beast.  First he verbally attacked a very pregnant Kandi and referred to the women as bitches.  Things got violent when Kenya asked him to leave.  Security was called and Tammy who was drunk off her ass was accidentally knocked out by her nephew.

The ladies blamed Kenya, Porsha said  Kenya should have asked security to ask him to leave, and then she says it was Kenya who invited Glen in the first place, and then Phaedra says that Kenya “wanted” him. and the ladies weren’t open to any thing else.

Kandi and Kenya are not friends.    But she angrily deafened  Kenya.   ‘She didn’t slap him, she didn’t hit him, she didn’t even call him out his name. So y’all are just pacifying it like he didn’t even do anything, and I cannot believe y’all are acting like that was okay!” Yes, she does some crazy stuff, but in this situation, she was justified: “He should never have aggressively turned around, started throwing up gang signs like he was fixing to do something. It shouldn’t have happened.!”     Why y’all biting y’all tongues now!   

Kandi Shut it Down!

Last Week A Bitch Was Born!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 1 “A B**** is Born!”

Next Week

Nene and the Men join the ladies. Bring your Biscuits cause it looks juicy!

Thank for following see ya Next week



 **** There is a rumor out there that Bravo has asked Nene Leakes to return.  With a fat payday of 2.5 million.    Cash yo checks girl!!

Kim Field said she wasn’t returning.   If Sheree get her peach back and Nene returns.  Is there room for Kenya Moore, or was bossman Andy just irritated with her?

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