Khloe wants Lamar in Rehab and he says no! no! no!

Close and cozy: Lamar held onto Mason's hand as ex Khloe followed closely behind

Forget he was near death in a Nevada brothel  from a lethal mix of drugs and alcohol a few months ago.  Forget his addictive behavior, Odom believe he can still drink. Just hours before his arrival at a church service on Easter Sunday with the Kardashian family Lamar Odom was buying alcohol in a Los Angeles bar.

The man in the shades: According to TMZ , the former LA Lakers player bought multiple glasses of brandy

According to TMZ, the former LA Lakers player bought multiple glasses of brandy. The sports star is reported to have arrived at the establishment just before midnight on Saturday with two male friends. He didn’t leave until around 1:00 am on Sunday.

From TMZ

Sources close to the still married duo tell us Khloe’s doing everything she can to convince him to get treatment for addiction. We’re told LO’s happy to go to physical rehab, but refuses to deal with his drug demons.

Odom’s own family members are also striking out. According to our sources, they’ve tried to convince him by pointing out several relatives, including his father, have addiction issues.

Bottom line: No one close to Lamar believes he can “casually” drink without opening the door to renewed drug abuse.

Khloe’s telling friends and family there will come a point when “she has to stop trying” to save Lamar.

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