Someone is on the roof of my car? Really?

Elizabeth Addy  found her husband’s last nerve! The two visited a few bars in area and Richard Addy 69, had enough and left the bar without Elizabeth.

Officer Christopher Ruediger of the Stuart Florida Police Department, noticed Elizabeth 50, on top of an 2011 Toyota Sienna Minivan as it came to a stop at an intersection.  Elizabeth was yelling and waving her hands at him.

The officer did a traffic stop and helped Elizabeth from the roof of the minivan. Mr Addy stood in the median.

Elizabeth didn’t say or mention why she climbed on to the roof of the Toyota, but she did say while up there she did a lot of screaming and banging.

Another Woman on Top of Minivan Story

This man drove 100 miles an hour with his wife on the hood of the Minivan

She had to have strong hands!

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Richard’s story (brace yourself) is curious at best.  He did NOT know his wife was on the roof.   UNTIL, he stopped at the first traffic light.  That’s when he heard her banging.  He continued to drive with Lizzy banging her heart out BECAUSE he didn’t have a cell phone to call police.  He drove to the Martin County Courthouse in order to find a police presence.

When he did not, he continued to drive until the officer stopped him.

Office Ruediger, noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Richard.

Richard was arrested for reckless driving, a misdemeanor and permitting a passenger to ride on the exterior of a vehicle.  Richard, pleaded not guilty to both charges

Richard drove six miles with Lizzy on the roof banging her heart out, lets hope she was wearing slacks.