CityFella Travels: I-10 Biloxi and Gulfport Mississippi

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Biloxi is the third largest city in Mississippi.

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For many people the city is known for the massive  Keesler Air Force Base the lies within the city limits.  Its been the subject of Plays, Biloxi Blues and the setting of many movies.  I was impressed with the area in the short time I was there.


In 199o, the State of Mississippi legalized casino gambling in the state.  Gaming and tourism is the number one industry in the state.

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 Before Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi’s Gulf Coast the state was the second largest gambling state in the country after Nevada and after a drive you can see why.   Unlike Las Vegas there is a strip of white beaches across from the Casinos.


 Although some casinos are on the beach the road that separates the casinos from the beaches is quite lovely.  Let’s hope they keep the construction off the beaches.

Map of Black and white biloxi mississippi

  The are still visible signs from Katrina but there is a lot of potential.  With the right investments Las Vegas might have a bit on competition.

Southern Luxury

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Westbound on Interstate 10

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