The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 3 “Gay Bashing and Face Bashing”

Porsha Williams

We have finally reach the end of a shortened season of the women of Atlanta.   Nene joined the ladies with a brief clip of her fights with Sheree (which never gets old) the two are equals and a viewer and a couple of the ladies cautioned Kenya on challenging Sheree, the ole G.

For several seasons I was ready for Nene Leakes to go. Yes, I know she is hugely popular but I thought her negativity weighed the show down.    Perhaps she the needed time off, this Nene is the funny, sassy Nene that people love.  She many of the other women have matured and we are seeing a softer side.  But don’t get it twisted!  She hasn’t lost any of her bite!   Welcome Back.

A very brief visit with the fillers before we get to Juicy Stuff

Women of Fantasy: Both Kenya and Sheree say they will be in their respective homes soon.  Andy has started referring to Porsha and Phaedra as Frick and Frack.   Did she or didn’t Phaedra call the Feds on Kandi and Cynthia?  Phaedra says, Nah to the ah to the no, no, no
You need to let it go, You need to let it go, Need to let it go!   Todd loves Kenya.

This season we may be looking at the end of the marriage between Cynthia and Peter as there was little eye contact and the body language speaks volumes.

Andy Cohen checks all the Ladies

Its very possible Andy Cohen knows the ladies of all the housewives franchises better than their mates.  For years he has watched the film of the franchises.

We all know Kenya Moore is a heavyweight in TV and Film. She knows everyone in Hollywood and EVERYONE knows her.   (I tell a joke)

So when the topic of Kim Fields husband Chris comes up being gay.  Bossman Cohen tells ladies about themselves.  Through the years nearly all of them have made jokes about Gay people for a cheap laugh.!   And Bossman told them!

In Jamaica most of the women made fun of Chris.  Because he is a dancer and in show business which means he has to be gay right!   Nene and the other women played into the stereotype.   Some of the women apologized after seeing the clip   But Kenya continued to insist people in showbiz call him  “Chrissie”.  She was unable to come up with names of the who and Andy asked if she should apologize to him.   She gave him a I have to apologize apology. (cause the boss says I do)

The true apology came from Chris who said, “I have a lot of gay friends…and somebody’s sexuality has nothing to do with their character. And I just want them at home to know that I love them dearly and I’m sorry for how this has affected them.”

The Missing Piece

Every now and then a reality show loses its way.  Usually its due to editing.  Kenya alluded to something in part one.  She said something about Porsha beating up her assistant or something?  I watch all the shows,what are they talking about?

Well last night Bravo gave access to the missing piece. They showed footage of a scantly (not sure this is news)clad Porsha running  in a snowman suit as she chased her assistant Jami down an alley and took her to the ground and beat the shit out of her . We could heard Jami screaming.

Porsha said  that there had been a certain level of disrespect with Jami, “and honestly it just escalated.” And then Andy explains that this is the third time something like that has “just escalated” since Porsha has been on the show and that’s…kind of a problem.    We learned that some of the ladies were a bit afraid of Porsha, giving her penchant to fight.   Porsha became defensive after hearing from the ladies.  She said she was in anger management.

Nene, who is a friend approached her from the side and gently criticized her and offered some advice.    Nene said she ,of all people, understands being ripped apart and criticized, “but as long as you sit here in front of the camera, you’re going to be judged,” and she can’t just go around harming people she feels disrespected by.   She said people wont hire you.

Porsha could have taken the advice and said thank you or nodded in silence. By nooo,she responded like a teenager.  “Didn’t you choke somebody?” Semantics, says Nene: “Have you seen me choke somebody?”  Its like ,Take that bitch!  Find the footage! Don’t mess with Nene!

Porsha has had fights on camera.  Google Porsha Steward or Porsha Williams and you will find her in a violent encounter!

From her reaction and comments  Ms Williams has a long way to go.  I don’t think she believes anger is HER problem.

Who will return on Season 9.   Is Nene returning?  Kenya is a maybe? -Andy seem to be over her.    Kim Fields say’s she gone.     I would like to see more Bob Whitfield and please give a peach to his ex Sheree.

See ya Thursday, RHONY


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