Hey Governor Snyder,Don’t Just Drink Water

An American Tragedy!

If you live or have a business in Flint Michigan your stuck. Imagine a home or business your have worked for your entire life is now worthless and its because your state attempted to save money by diverting water.  The water they where using from the Detroit river was safe.  To save money ,the state without input from the citizens or local government took water from another source.

Citizens cant  grow their  business and  citizens cant sell their homes.  After nearly two years the State of Michigan continues to plan  its next move in Flint.  Hundreds of miles of pipeline has to be replaced.  Some believe the state is hoping the Feds will pay the billion dollars cost. The state has given water filters to Flint residents, however the city pipes which is releasing lead continues to enter Flint homes and businesses. . Over 100,000 citizens have to drink and bathe in questionable water.  Water that has caused brain  and skin damage to children in Flint.

A few days ago in a gesture made for High Definition TV.  Governor Rick Snyder drank a glass of water as the cameras rolled and filled up gallons of Flint water to take home. He says he  and the first lady of Michigan in solidarity with the people of Flint will drink the water.

If the governor was sincere, he and the first lady would move to Flint.

There are homes available ( No Waiting!)