Buying A Car? Keep it Simple

While I am not outing anyone.  But there is a segment of the population who remembers when power brakes, power windows, and power steering was the gee whiz  of the day.

Today the Gee Whiz is the infotainment systems.  Some of these touchscreen systems allows the owners to warm up their cars  and unlock the doors via their smart phones.     Bluetooth, Navs, systems that not only direct you,direct you to restaurants, and stores. Allow  you to check Yelp and read the reviews.  The have multiple audio options and more .   Gee Whiz indeed. In addition to entertainment, these systems control the heating and cooling of your cars.

According to Consumer Reports, these infotainment systems have ruined the reliability records of cars.

A couple of years ago  Consumer Reports  reported “Of the 17 problem areas they  asked ks about in its survey, the category including in-car electronics generated more complaints from owners than for any other category.”

Cars not starting. Blank screens. malfunction heating systems.

When you take them back to the dealers who repairs the electronics.?

While some systems are better than others, no manufacturer was spared.  If you purchase a premium  or luxury car a basic systems is not an option.

Basic today mean am/fm satellite and bluetooth. So you can make and receive phone calls via your car radio.

Hyundai’s Infotainment System.

Hyundai’s Basic Radio System

Today’s basic includes Bluetooth and  back up cameras.

If you absolutely want a system with Nav, your best option may be aftermarket purchasing the system from dedicated Car Audio Retailer.  The downside is looks, it will not look as sleek as a system that was designed for the vehicle.