Hundereds of Junk Police Openings in North Carolina



Photo:David Carillet/Lifetime-Shutterstock

North Carolina’s Transgender laws has created a new positions in the state.   The law requiring individuals to use restrooms based on the sex on their identification.

Occasionally a masculine looking female or a feminine looking male, may attempt to use one of the states public facilities without proper identification.

Concerned citizens can contact a uniformed  Junk (J) officer to confirm the correct sexual assignment of the citizen.

The State of North Carolina is looking for a sensitive understanding individuals with soft hands to handle the junk of the citizens of the state and foreign nationals to enforce this important law that insults all the citizens of the Great State of North Carolina.

North Carolina State Government is the state’s largest employer with over 133,000 employees all working toward a common goal of making North Carolina great. We are a large organization comprised of various agencies, branches, and universities, each providing an important public service. The State is committed to handling the Junk of its citizens equally and fairly,without judgement to shape, size,color or odor.

There are currently 500 statewide positions available

Applications Available in  Gov. Pat McCrory’s office

1 E Edenton St

Raleigh, NC 27601