11 day 3300 mile Super Road Trip (Day1)

Between Late April to Early June you can rent a car from Arizona or Florida from 8 dollars a day and return it one way. I drove from Phoenix to Texas returning my car to Sacratomatoville. My last road trip was a drive from Miami to New York City. This time I wanted to visit the Great South West and Austin Texas.

Day 1 :Losing my soul to save a Buck

Frontier Airlines has joined Spirit Airlines as a no frills airlines. When it was in Sacramento it was a discount carrier . What I remember was a nice airline who flew my favorite airbus 320, which offered wider seats and more legroom for this big man then the Boeing Planes.

The new Frontier offers killer low fares but that comes at a price, which I soon learned. Frontier fly’s out San Francisco. My killer fare was $19 (not a misprint) How so never, every thing else is extra. (So bring your own toilet paper (kidding). You want a preassigned seat ?$30 bucks. A carry on? $30 bucks. A suitcase ?$65. If you do not prepay online it will cost more at the gates. So I paid 30 bucks which meant one pair of size 15 shoes for 11 days.
I took the Amtrak from Sacramento to the Richmond Bart Station. $27 ($76.) Bart $11.($87) There were one way flights via Airfarewatchdog from SMF to Phoenix for $94. This travel expert saved $10. (including the bus fare from L street to SMF).
The seats were so comfortable on the Amtrack, I wish could have taken it to Phoenix. The seat are wide and the leg room is ahhhhhh.

Being  a midday flight  security was quick at SFO.

While most airlines SAY they will limited the size a bag you can carry on (I wish they would, it wasn’t fun being struck in the head with a 27 inch American Tourister) . Frontier was serious! . A girly gurl with big eyes attempted to walk on with a large back pack. Hey babe! $30. “I fly Frontier all they time and I’ve never paid, she said in very nice, nice, nice voice. The Frontier personnel didn’t say anything but the look on her face was like “Bitch Please!” As the nice, nice girly gurl turned and reached into her back pack to get her wallet-we saw her face transform from Nice Nancy to Bad Brenda! The look from the attendant was like, fork over thirty and in a hurry, we have other victims.

The seasoned flight staff at Frontier were very professional. However, what I remembered from my last flight on Frontier was completely erased. The seating has been reconfigured. The seats were public bus comfortable. Inmate grey. No more passengers fights as the seats do not recline.. Sleeping is not an option. A foot long Subway sandwich would overwhelm the tray tables on this flight as they are two thirds smaller than a normal tray table.

Can you say agony? My legs, my wide-bodied hips (imagine wedging a size nine in a size six shoe) screaming, could waterboarding be more painful? Thank gawd the flight was less than two hours.

In Phoenix, picking up my California bound Volkswagen Passat was a snap. Finding my hotel wasn’t. Either my charger or the power outlet was malfunctioning in my car. My cell was dead and my trusty navigation couldn’t help me. I was on my own. Wandering the streets of Phoenix.

Ninty two minutes of roaming I found it. Dinner was Raising Canes Chicken Fingers which seemed popular. Chicken was good. Oil was old and fries were just okay. Lemonade was outstanding. Nite Night.


Tomorrow Part 2 : Slave to My Electronics