11 Day 3300 mile Super Road Trip (Day 4)Welcome to Weird Austin Texas




I checked out of the Extended Stay without a shower. My Marriott was up the road, 10 minutes, finally, I had a base, with a soft bed in  Austin.or Cedar Park  It was ahhhh….. It was going to be my home for three days  Including my Birthday.   I wanted to crash, get off the road ,take a long bath and just chill.

There it was, four stories of heaven calling me. Separating me from paradise was Rudy’s . FOOD has been my enemy this trip but its Barbecue, Barbecue, BBQ.   California, like Texas has excellent Mexican food,  Cali has outstanding Chinese food, but our Barbecue is ninth rate inferior

Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, and the Carolina’s know BBQ. Californians are entertained by okay meat and spicy catsup.   Tennessee and Missouri its about the rub and the sauce..  Carolina’s seems to be redefining BBQ with non traditional sauces and barbecuing  techniques. In Texas, its all about the meat, bout the MEAT, no treble.

To get to my hotel , I had to get past Rudy’s and despite my queasy stomach.  The Pull was much too strong and Rudy’s won. Rudy is a Texas chain with outlets in several states.   Inside, I was offered  free samples and I became a slave or its birch to the Q. When I exited Rudy’s my credit card was thirty seven dollars heavier.  I had enough food for Drake’s roadies.   The good news there was a good sizes fridge in my in my hotel room.



I discovered Austin Texas, a few years ago after a friend and her family relocated there from the Sacratomatoville area.  It seems to have a defiant vibe.  Throughout the city there are signs that proudly screams “Keep Austin Weird”

Photo: (guestdoor.com)

One morning  I had breakfast at a downtown restaurant on Congress Street. In the restaurant were three men in there early 60’s shirtless wearing leather vests. You could tell there was a strong bond between the men.  My intro to the trio was saying new man in town whats good?   30 minutes later both side of my napkins was full, they all agreed they wouldn’t live any other place.   The three were instructors at a local college.  They were passionate about Austin the people, the politics.

(photo: http://keepaustinweirdfest.com/kaw-experience/festival/)

There is a uniqueness about Austin, it has a fierce independent streak.   In 2005, the Voters of Texas approved an provision(Proposition 2) to the states Constitution banning same sex marriage   The measure was approved by 253 of the 254 counties, the exception was Travis County.(Austin)

For many Texans, Austin hold a place similar to San Francisco, in that its too different. The philosophy is different in Austin, yes its Texas proud and yet it doesn’t allow itself to be defined.


Esther’s Follies has been called the Austin’s answer to SNL and at 40 seasons and running, is not far behind its NYC cousin. Esther’s succeeds as an Austin institution that expertly satirizes both sides of the political divide with smartly written musical numbers, and sketches. What makes Esther’s Follies a unique theater experience, in addition to the lack of a back wall (a window overlooking the street brings the street to the stage and vice-versa) is its ability to bring the fast pace of vaudeville, to a modern-day audience.

Music, political comedy and magic combine in one show, making Esther’s quite unlike anything else in the nation. Esther’s star, Ray Anderson, brings the sparkle of the Vegas strip to Sixth Street with his large-scale illusions that defy reason and baffle our audiences.

Esther’s Follies exemplifies the “Keep Austin Weird” ethos that makes Austin such a playground to tourists and locals alike.


Tomorrow: Part 5 : Stalked By A Lesbian