11 Day 3300 Super Road Trip” (Day 5 & 6 ) Stalked By a Lesbian

& Alone time is difficult when you travel and haven’t seen your friends in a year or so. My plan was daytime TV with Barbecue, after all I had five different meats.  Beans, potato salad, Banana pudding, none of these items were Weight Watchers approved.  A hot bath and an extended nap.

As I entered the hotel, a friend was sitting in the lobby. THE PLAN, I thought he would wait for me to check in and I would call.   The good news ,I had someone to help me with my things , the bad news, sleep was going to be delayed.

I never made it to bed. I fell asleep on the sofa . I woke up to an angry cell phone ringing. There were crushed baked beans on by my arms. I dont remember my friend leaving, maybe I should have offered him a slice of my smoked turkey.     On the other end of the cell phone was my Austin Area Family,”where are you-when are you getting here!” while I would have liked to extend my lap, they would hunt me down. When I arrived at their home the family was waiting for me outside, nice.

My first visit to Austin was their wedding .. They were the only people I knew in Austin  Today, I know nearly a dozen most, have moved from California.   My original two friends are now a beautiful family of five.

Initially I made friends online, from there I have made friends through other friends . One such friend moved to Fort Worth because they were struggling in California.   After two visit to the Dallas area everyone was onboard.   She landed a job in the medical field in Fort Worth.  She sold her home on the Central Coast and paid cash for a larger new home outside Fort Worth.

After six months, they hated every thing about Fort Worth and Texas, their child was miserable.  After attending a meeting in Austin she liked what she saw. Problem was, another move in Texas would be devastating for the family.   After several weekends  her husband found a job in Austin and for a year the family visited  In 2011, they moved to Austin, in a smaller older home . They miss the ocean. But the house isn’t far from the lake..

Austin and the suburbs are exploding. Unlike other  large cities in Texas, Austin isn’t a cheap date, million dollar homes are not uncommon. Austin’s Tech Salaries are the highest in the nation..   Austin was one of the few cities that  mostly survived the economic downturn. Condominiums have reshaped its skyline.  Austin Skyline - CC - LoneStarMike


The suburbs are exploding .my friends have moved to a small community 30 minutes from Austin. Their home is four times the size of my apartment. The plan for the next day which happens to be my birthday.is going to the community fair and parade  The host is planning to barbecue ribs ( How could I say no!) and the hostess and I planned to locate a cake befitting the CityFella.   In the evening, its downtown Austin and the clubs with other friends.

The next day, the city with a population less than 1000 people were having a fair.


Day  6 (Its my Birthday)

 It took me nearly an hour to find this park in a city slightly larger than a postage stamp. While I missed the parade, I enjoyed watching the children and fair goers.


The Host left early to tend to the meat for dinner. Snacks were was fried fish and chicken. As the sun went down. I met another couple from the area.  Charlie’s ribs cooked over wood was superior to Rudy’s  The conversation drifted into no mans territory. Painting the dogs nails pink and shoes for dogs.  The debate was lively. My mind wondered. Would painting of nails have psychological affect on the dogs?   If the dogs didn’t like the color, would they act out?   What if the dog were butch? , or named Butch? Left on its own my mind is a scary place.

I was enjoying the surroundings and the food and would have been perfectly happy to stay where I was.  But I had commitments with other friends Downtown, where the lights are bright.

Downtown Austin is fantastic, with all the new housing, there are new  restaurants and venues opening monthly.  The streets are alive with energy.  There are few places in the US that offer s more live music venues than Austin.  There was a singer in a 7/11.  The vibe is party!

Who knew my evening  party would begin at a Lesbian bar or a bar filled with single women not necessarily interested in men.?   Four women and me, LETS GET DOWN! (gawd how old am I?)

The music was good, the conversation lively.  Being the only black male in the bar wasn’t lost on one of the ladies.   Who sat next to me.   She first apologized for the absence of black people in the bar.  Okay?  Then she wanted to know my opinion on the “Black Lives Movement” . Who was I going to vote for?  Why don’t more African Americans like Bernie?  While the other ladies where experiencing an evening of light and easy banter filled with laughter, I’m being interviewed by Fox news.       Before she could ask me, what was life like in Compton?  I smiled and carefully backed off my bar stool and toured the bar.

 As I was memorizing the Dart schedule and other events at the bar.  I saw her out of the corner of my eye heading my way.   My eyes quickly scanned the bar looking for the restrooms, which was to my immediate left.

 Why couldn’t this be just a normal evening ? What does she want, My soul?  My legs fell asleep as I sat on the toilet.  I had to hold on to the wall as I stood up. To wake my legs and feet up I had to walk in circles in the small bathroom.

I carefully re-entered room and planned a route that would take me to the fun side of the bar. My friend said she wondered where I was and asked if I was enjoying myself?   This side of the bar was GOOD, the talk was lively,people were laughing, it was sillyness deluxe, I was in the mix.   YES praise Jeezus!


SHE walked around and sat next to me. Why?Bitch Why?  Like I’m really a nice fun guy and  your sucking up all my oxygen!    Not a smile, she didn’t laugh or titter with rest of us she focused on me.   She tapped me on the back and asked if she was making me uncomfortable?  The honest answer  was YES! YES! YESSS!   I said no.   Did I feel comfortable with Lesbians?  (Damm, where are the random snipers in Austin?)

God is good, the troops rescued me.   She was told to lighten up and have a drink.  “He’s from San Francisco”  I thought he said he was from Sacramento?   She wanted me to confirm that she wasn’t bothering me.  I manned up and said, lets keep it light, maybe another time.  I wanted to keep it light and breezy on my birthday.

The rest of the night went well, we walked talked, made crazy fool’s of ourselves. Stuck our heads in  random bars along 6th Street and the night ended with a big fluffy cupcake with a candle. My kinda birthday.